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,, Guam is relatively slow-paced. It is a tropical island and pretty much fits all the stereotypes of one. There is a lot to do there and nothing to do there at the same time. If you are into outdoor things like fishing, diving, hiking, etc., you will probably never run out of things to do.
The island isn’t in the dark ages. It has everything from car dealerships to McDonald’s and Baskin-Robbins.
The people are generally pretty warm and friendly. (especially on the south side of the island). Be sure to remain respectful of local traditions and culture."

Guam - square - Elter photo



Get in: Guam has an international airport (Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport)- code: GUM

Japan Airlines from Tokyo, Korean Air from Seoul, United Airlines from Hongkong, Manila, Osaka, and Tokyo


2 fancy hotels:  Outrigger, Dusit Thani

Recommended hotels:

  • 2 star: Grand Plaza
  • 3 star:Fieasta Resort Guam
  • 4 star:Guam Reef&Olive Spa Resort


Recommended places to eat:

  • Proa (bbq, taro cheesecake)
  • Maruichi (ramen, mayo chicken, fried rice)
  • Jamaican Grill Dededo (get chicken and ribs plate with red rice. Avoid the adobo ribs)
  • Chamorro Village - Wednesday night, get here by 6 pm.
  •  There's another local fare lIke Shirley's, King's, etc.


All shopping on Guam is tax-free.

Go to Tumon and go shopping or window shopping for high-end designer goods. Stop by Godiva and grab a soft serve.

Get your souvenirs at Kmart. It's open 24 hours and way cheaper for the same stuff you find at DFS, the ABC stores, and Payless. Get Chamorro Cookies and Tita's Guguria cookies (also known as Jawbreaker)

Micronesian Mall, Guam Premier Outlets, and Agana Shopping Center

Guam - bar - Elter photo



Public safety

You do have to be careful with your possessions sometimes, as Guam also has its fair share of thieves. There is also what seems to be a growing number of pedophilia cases on the island, which is unfortunate. Violent crime in Guam is almost nonexistent (murder, assault, etc.).

Don't leave valuables unattended in your rental car because of the occasional thieves. The rental car has a special sticker on them, which may attract the thieves' attention.  

Serious security risks are involved in water sports along Guam's coasts, principally because of the unpredictable undercurrents. 

During the rainy period between August and March, the roads are often slippery because of the puddles.  


No compulsory vaccination is required to enter Guam. The tap water is chlorinated, relatively clean, but better to avoid drinking as it may cause stomachaches. Better buy bottled water. A lot of mosquitos in Guam, bring sprays, creams for protection.
There are more health-related risks for those who take part in trekking tours. Guam got two hospitals an several private clinics. 


1. If you like to depend on the Internet on the go, make arrangements with your provider or get it at the WiFi stand at the airport.


Destination in brief

Guam - in fact - is a country. It is a U.S. territory, part of the U.S. . Guam culturally different from the Anglo-Americans because it was part of Spanish East Indies before being brought by the U.S. through Treaty of Paris (1898).

The closest country to Guam by distance: Philippines - about 2500 km (1553 mi)

Size: 549 km² (212 mi²) - Guam is  an administrative part of the Mariana islands

Capital city: Hagåtña (formerly: Agana).

Population (in 2020): 168,775

Currency: USD

Average Monthly Net Salary (after tax) : 2,700 USD

Most of the tourist visitors are Japanese and South Koreans. They come for diving, shopping (Guam is tax-free), or for honeymoon.

All the hotels and tourist attractions are in the area of Upper Tumon.

Most common surnames: Cruz, Perez

Guam is number two in the world in the number of divorces per 1,000 Population (in 2021)

western Pacific Ocean - Palau - Governor's Complex - Elter photo

Guam - Hagatna - Government House (Guma I Taotao Guam) - s.v. photo


Guam would horrible affected by a climate change crisis. The island wouldn't be submerged beneath the waves - it's far too high for that.  However, like most mountainous islands, most of Guam's inhabitants live very near sea level. Too many buildings are at sea level.
Increasing temperatures will affect the climate of Guam, potentially causing problems for native wildlife.



western Pacific Ocean - Guam - memorial of Magellan - the Portuguese explorer arrived in 1521 and conflicted with the locals - Elter photo

Guam - WW2 wreck - Elter photo

Guam - statue of Quipuha in Hagátna - the tribal chief has collaborated with the Spanish conquerors - Elter photo


Guam is a small island with a close-knit community. Everybody knows everyone.
Locals seldom walk down the streets, partly since there are no sidewalks or crosswalks. So, locals instead drive down the road, merely as the climate is so humid and extremely sunny. 

"Guamanian" is the demonym referring to anybody from Guam.
"Chamorro"(also "Chamoru") refers to the native people of Guam and the surrounding Mariana Islands.
That is not universally "accepted," I'd say, as there are many who use "Guamanian" to distinguish "Chamorros" from Guam, specifically from those from Saipan, Rota, and surrounding islands.

Guam - kid - k.m. photo


See Inarajan Pools

Gef Pa'go,

Mt. Lam lam (highest point of Guam)

Governor's House

Fort Soledad, Bear Rock

Asan Beach lookout

Cetti Bay Overlook

western Pacific Ocean - Guam - National Historic Park - Elter photo

western Pacific Ocean - former Spanish fort, on the confines of the city - Elter photo

Guam - Hagatna - Cathedral of Dulce Nombre de Maria - Elter photo

See Inarajan Pools

Guam - See Inajaran Pool - b.l. photo

Guam - See Inajaran Pools - b.l. photo

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