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Charleston - Rainbow Row - Elter photo





South Carolina - Lake Hartwell Country - scenic road with fall leaf-colors

South Carolina - Charleston - Horse-Drawn Carriages waiting for customers - Elter photo

Charleston - sightseeing -f. a. photo



South Carolina - Greeleyville - Catfish Stew, an SC favourite - j.n. photo



South Carolina - Farmers Market ladies - f.w. photo

Charleston - shops -F. A. photo

Historic Charleston - F. A. photo

Public safety

As for the crime rate, South Carolina ranks among the ten most dangerous states in the country (9th).

South Carolina - police officers - r.h. photo

Charleston - Mounted police - F. A. photo



Charleston- f. a. photo

Charleston - United States Custom House - f. a. photo

Charleston - Riviera - f. a. photo


Charleston - f. a. photo

Destination in brief

South Carolina state is in the southeastern part of US. Neighbors: North Carolina (north), Atlantic Ocean (southeast), Georgia (southwest, west).

Size: 82,931 km²  (32,020 mi²)

Population (in 2020): 5 million - 64% White, 27% Black (African American), 4,7% Hispanic (Latino), 2% Asian

Capital city: Columbia

South Carolina is the only U.S. state where tea is grown.



South Carolina was one of the 13 colonies from which the United States was first formed.

Charleston - The Historic Charleston City Market - f. a. photo

South Carolina - Charleston- The French Huguenot Church - list of the US presidents of Huguenot descent - Elter photo

Charleston - F. A. photo


South Carolina is attached to the values ​​of the Southeast: warm welcome and a relatively calm rhythm, carefree and relaxed way of life under the sun. Yet associated with anti-black racism in the region, the Confederate flag is a symbol very present throughout the state. .

Tourist etiquette

1. In South Carolina, the consumption of alcohol (beer included) is strictly prohibited in public (street, vehicle, café terraces). All bottles must be transported in an opaque bag.


South Carolina's traditional cuisine synthesizes African, Native American, and European cultures: French brought bisques, soufflés, and meat dishes, and the Spaniards inspire various rice recipes. Meals containing okra, sweet potatoes, and sesame seeds are undoubtedly from Africa, and the recipe for hot oysters is an Indian dish.



The name of the town comes from the name of King Charles of England. Charleston is the oldest city in South Carolina.

South Carolina - Charleston - Old Slave Mart Museum - Elter photo

South Carolina - Charleston - s.a. photo

South Carolina - Charleston - City Hall - Elter photo

Charleston - King Street - F. A. photo

Charleston - French Huguenot Church - Elter photo

South Carolina - Charleston - St. Philip's Episcopal Church - Elter photo

Huntington Beach State Park


Caesars Head State Park

Myrtle Beach

South Carolina - Myrtle Beach - oceanfront (9th Ave N)- f.s. photo

South Carolina - Myrtle Beach - Plyler Park - The Goddess of the Sea - f.s. photo

Hilton Head Island

South Carolina - Hilton Head Island - Harbour Town Pier - m.j. photo

Mount Pleasant - Boone Hall Plantation

South Carolina - Mount Pleasant - Boone Hall plantation&garden - the famous Avenue of Oaks (Gone with the Wind, 1939 movie) - Elter photo

South Carolina - Mount Pleasant - Boone Hall plantation - Slave street - brick slave cabins (built between 1790 and 1810) - Elter photo

South Carolina - Mount Pleasant- Boone Hall plantation - room of slaves - Elter photo

South Carolina - Mount Pleasant - main building of the Boone Hall Plantation - Elter photo


South Carolina - Beaufort - Hunting Island Lighthouse - Elter photo

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