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Miami - South Beach - r.g. photo

Miami - Ocean Drive - r.g. photo





Miami - taxi - s.m. photo

Miami - new bus - w.p. photo

Miami - Water taxi - j.k. photo

Miami - trolley - d.l. photo

Miami - did not prove itself to be an amphibious vehicle - y.m. photo


Three-course meal for 2 PAX in a mid-range restaurant (in 2020):
75 USD

In restaurants, the size of the meals is mostly huge.
Many supermarkets offer eating facilities. The best quality is in Whole Foods.
Cold drinking water is provided in the restaurants without request.

Miami - steak - p.m. photo

Public safety

Decades ago, Miami was nicknamed "The drug capital of the US."  The public safety was pretty bad.
Miami is a safe destination nowadays, and Miami Beach is safer than many European big cities.

There are essentially only two Miami neighborhoods that are not recommended to visit after dark: Overtown and Liberty City.

In South Beach, you can still see some drug dealers who adorn their wealth with expensive jewelry, luxury cars.



Miami - Wynwood Art Walk - r.g. photo


Miami - downtown - joy - b.m. photo

Destination in brief

Population (in 2020): 470,000 in the city area, 6.1 million in the urban area

More than 60% of the residents speak Spanish as their first language.

Average net monthly salary (in 2020): 3500 USD


In Miami, you can wear shorts 360 days of the year.

High humidity most days of the summer.


Art Deco Historic District

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