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Wyoming - Yellowstone National Park - Mammoth Springs - Elter photo





Wyoming - Motorbikes on the road to the Grand Teton - Elter photo


Wyoming - Forever West - k.m. photo

Destination in brief

Wyoming is a landlocked state in the western part of the US. Neighbors are Montana (north), South Dakota and Nebraska (east), Colorado and Utah (south), Idaho (west).

Size: 97,818.2 mi²  (253,340 km2)  

Population (in 2020): 550,000 - 91% White, 2,4% Native American, '5 Afro American, 1% Asian

Average net monthly salary in Cheyenne (in 2020): 4400 USD - (US average: 3500 USD)


Yellowstone National Park

Wyoming - Yellowstone National Park - steaming pool - Elter photo

Wyoming - Yellowstone National Park - Old Faithful, a cone geyser - Elter photo

Wyoming - Yellowstone NP - Elter photo

Wyoming - Yellowstone National Park - a bison - Elter photo

Wyoming - Yellowstone NP - a walkway - Elter photo

Grand Teton National Park

Wyoming - Grand Teton National Park - Elter photo

Devils Tower National Monument

Wyoming - Devils Tower National Monument - w.n. photo


Wyoming - Jackson - the gate lined with antlers became a landmark - Elter photo

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