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,, Niue has various stretches of beach that you can reach from the main road. In the south of the island, the beaches are pebbly, but you will also find fantastic sandy beaches in the rest of the island.
Hio Beach is magnificent. It is located a little outside the city center of Alofi and is therefore often very empty. Higher on the street, from the terrace of Hio Café, you can enjoy a unique view of Hio Beach and the South Pacific.

Niue - Avatele village church - The entire service and almost all of the hymns are in Niuean language (Vagahau Niue)

Niue - Swimming&snorkeling cave at low tide

Niue - Togo Chasm



Get in

Two flights a week from New Zealand.


Traffic drives on the left. The roads are a bit potholed.

There is a main road that goes around the island. You can drive around the island in an hour.


Scooter rental is not common, too many potholes


Most of the accommodations are run by families. Only the Matavai Scenic Resort offers a high standard. 


There is frequently a farmer's market in Alofi. Best to visit them in the morning and have a traditional breakfast. The market is full of Niuean delicacies as well as floral decorations, woven objects, and souvenirs.

Niue - souvenir



Niue - ukelele musicians

Niue - show


 The local tourist authority made a commitment to start the process to eliminate plastic straws from the island by providing every hotel, bar, restaurant and café on the island with reusable metal straws. (2020)

Niue - billboard advocating safe sex - z.j. photo


1. Wifi speed is not great, but good enough to check emails

Niue - Q&A - m.c. photo


Niue - national flag

Destination in brief

Niue is a coral atoll, 2-3 hours flight time from New Zealand. Cook Islands, Tonga and Samoa are the nearest neighbors 

The nickname of Niue is ,,The Rock"

Size: 261.5 km² (101 mi²)

Population: 1624 (in 2020)

Capital city: Alofi

Currency: New Zealand dollar (NZD)

Politically Niue is a parliamentary monarchy with the British Queen as head of the state. However, in practice, Niue is much more dependent on New Zealand then of Britain.

Most common surname: Talagi

Most of the tourists are honeymooners.


A fifth of the island is occupied by tropical rainforest.

,, The stars and night sky have a considerable significance to the Niuean way of life, from a cultural, environmental, and health perspective. Niueans have a long history of star navigation and a life regulated by lunar cycles and star positions. The knowledge of the night skies, held by the elders in the community, has been passed down through the generations. Niuean elders now hope the passion for learning the cultural history of the stars is re-ignited in younger generations."



Niue - local women

Niue - younger women

Niue - local man

Niue - kid

Niue - school girls

Niue - family - s.v. photo


For islanders, food is a matter of passion. Accordingly, each of the 14 villages on the island alternately hosts a so-called Show Day. On these show days, which take place every two weeks, you can taste countless typical Niuean dishes: taro (taro), the famous Uga crab (crab), and of course, numerous other delicacies that grow on the island such as bananas, coconuts, and papayas.


Niue is one of only a few places in the world where you are allowed to swim with humpback whales. Encounters happen just metres offshore, but only with approved tour operators, as they have strict guidelines to follow.

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