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California- Entering Pacific Time - k.m. photo

Destination in brief

Neighbors: Oregon (north), Nevada (east), Arizona (southeast), Mexico (south), Pacific Ocean (west).

Size: 423,970 km²  (163,696 sq mi)

Population (in 2020): 39.8 million - 39% Hispanic (Latino), 36% Non-Hispanic White, 15% Asian, 6% Black (African American), 4,% two or more race,

California is the most populous US state.

Capital city: Sacramento

Tourist etiquette

1. In California, forget about using any cutlery when eating French fries. Locals eat fries by hand, even in a high-end restaurant.  If you eat Frech fries with a fork, everyone will know that you are a foreign tourist. You can use cutlery when the fries have on them something other than ketchup or salt.


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