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,, Maine is like America used to be, with a slower-paced life and lots of lovely small towns. No skyscrapers or crowd of people rushing around.




Maine - Portland - hop on hop off trolley - j.k. photo



Maine - lobster roll - j.k. photo

Public safety

Among US states, Maine has the lowest crime rate!  Your biggest danger is slipping on ice, a sidewalk brick, or treading on dog poop. The riskiest time to be out in this state is during dusk or nighttime if you are walking along any of the roads without sidewalks.

Maine - a police officer with white gloves -b.p. photo


Maine - Augusta - Maine State Capitol - j.k. photo

Destination in brief

Neighbors: Canada (north and east), Atlantic Ocean (south), Vermont (west)

Size: 91,646 km²  (35,385 sq mi)

Population (in 2020): 1.3 million - 94,5% White, 2,2% two are more race, 1,4% Black (African American), 1,2% Asian

Maine is the ,,Whitest" US state.

Capital city: Augusta

In the small town of Madawaska, 62% of the inhabitants speak French at home. 


Maine is a 36th US state only in a ranking of median household income.

Tourist etiquette

1. Locals don’t like at all when a visitor speaks negatively about Maine,  comparing to other US states. Above all, let’s not make hints that Maine is a narrow-minded world due to its geographical location.


“Maine has warmer waters than Canada; therefore, lobsters in Maine are a little softer than Canadians. With the water being a bit warmer but not too warm, this allows for a better tasting lobster and the meat being more tender”.


Casco Bay

Portland's Old Port

Maine - Portland - Old Port District - Fore Street - United States Custom House - j.k. photo

Maine - Portland from the Casco Bay - t.m. photo

Acadia National Park

Marginal Way and Ogunquit Beaches

Stonington Harbor

Rangeley Lake

Monhegan Island

Bar Harbor

Maine - Bar Harbor - j.k. photo

Maine - Bar Harbor - j.k. photo

Maine - Bar Harbor - Cottage Street - j.k. photo


Maine - Augusta - Maine State Capitol - g.e. photo

Maine - Augusta - The Blaine House - Home of Maine's Governors - g.e.

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