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,, Many US citizens living in other states barely know that Rhode Island is a federal state, and even less where it is precisely. Not surprising, as most Americans are ignorant of geography. The better informed may associate mob (maffia) stories and lobster with Rhode Island."



,, Ironic outsiders say that people in Rhode Island are bad drivers who never use blinkers and use the center finger of their left hand to indicate the intention to turn."

Stick carefully to the speed limit because local traffic police start ticketing even at minor over speeding.

Newport - trolley - Elter photo

Newport - Pell Bridge - b.g. photo


Providence is titled,, the capital of New England's Best Restaurants". The “Federal Hill” district has a considerable number of restaurants. Italian restaurants and delicatessen shops have a dominant position. No wonder, as more than 50,000 Italian immigrants settled here in 1898-1932.

For tourists, there is a guided “Savoring Rhode Island” food tour, where you are guided through a handful of the best food spots and learn the personal and interesting family stories of the shopkeepers.

Coffee milk is a kind of official drink of this state.

Rhode Island - Newport - lobster meat sandwich - a.a. photo



Newport - ,,City by the sea" - Bannister's Wharf - o.d. photo



Rhode Island - Block Island - Ballards Beach Club and the yachts with partying people - s.v. photo

Public safety

Public safety in Rhode Island is good; the serious exception is Providence.

Downtown, near the Providence Place Mall, gangs harass pedestrians. These youngsters attack and beat up people for fun, to show force, not for mugging.  Attacks happen at night, and they target lone pedestrians. There also have been incidents of violence within the mall itself, usually involving these same gangs. There have been robberies and rapes on the East side in the vicinity of Brown University. South Providence is traditionally crime-ridden after dark. Gang shootings are nearly a nightly occurrence, as are robberies, etc. Some of the gangs have an Asian or Hispanic background.


Destination in brief

Neighbors: Massachusetts (north and east). Atlantic Ocean (south), Connecticut (west).

Size: 3,140 km² (1,214 sq mi)  - the smallest state in the US and the most densely populated

Rhode Island is - implicitly the smallest of the six New England states.

Population (in 2020): 1,056,000 - 81% White, 12% Hispanic or Latino, 5% Black or African American, 2% Asian

Capital City: Providence

Filmmakers often preferred to shoot movie scenes here (especially in and around Newport) as microclimates and terrains are exciting, diverse despite being a small state: e.g., Amistad, The Great Gatsby,  Meet Joe Black. 

In Rhode Island, almost everything takes place on the water, the main reason that is called the "Ocean State."


The full official name for Rhode Island is The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, but no one uses it. (But in Providence, you can read so on the marble floor of the State House.)

There are only theories about the origin of Rhode Island's name. Etymologists tend to believe that that is a distorted expression of "Roodt Island," which in Dutch means, Red Island," alluding to the red-like clay on Aquidneck Island's shores.    

Rhode Island is de facto, an island. If you look at Rhode Island's map, you will see what appears to be an island in Narragansett Bay called Aquidneck Island. That's where Newport, Middletown, and Portsmouth are, and that is geographically the Rhode Island in the US state of Rhode Island.


 ,, One year it'll be extremely hot with humidity near 90%, the next year it'll be extremely wet and raining most of the summer, another year it'll be warm without the extreme humidity."


In colonial times, pirates gathered hereabout to coordinate how to fool the British.

The early settlers of Rhode Island were likewise kind of rebels compared to some other parts of New England, like differing religious practices. For some time, the neighboring population kept their distance from these ‘heretics’ and ‘blasphemers’ who had settled around Narragansett Bay. Rhode Island was one of the first colonies to adopt the freedom of religion doctrine officially. Their leaders urged the separation of church and state and thus had a tremendous historical impact on America.

Rhode Island was the first state to declare its independence.
It was also the last state to ratify the Constitution and the latest to join the Union during the Civil War. (Newport was a massive port for slavery).

Rhode Island - Newport - St. Mary's Church, where Jacqueline Lee Bouvier married then-Senator John Fitzgerald Kennedy - Elter photo

Newport - Downtown - King Park with Rochambeau Statue, which marks the spot where the first French troops under Rochambeau landed to fight with the Americans against the British in 1780 during the Revolutionary War - b.g. photo


Corruption is a historical phenomenon in Rhode Island.
A local sardonically put that this way: Officials are not so corrupt here; we just appreciate them and give them gifts. Historically, things like contracts, bids, and zoning variances were approved by handing “the envelope” from the requester to the approver, which is a tradition we hold dear in our days, as well.



Population (in 2020): 24,400

Average net monthly salary (in 2020): 3800 USD  - (USA average: 3560 USD)

Rhode Island - Newport - b.g. photo

Newport - Fort Adams State Park - b.g. photo

Newport - Bannister's Wharf - o.d. photo

Newport - Ten Mile Drive - a castle - s.n. photo


Population (in 2020): 179,000 - 37% Hispanic, 35% White,16% Black or African American, 7% Asian

Average net monthly salary (in 2020): 3160 USD -  (USA average: 3560 USD)

The State House is home to the fourth-largest self-supporting dome in the world, only behind the Taj Mahal, St Peter’s Basilica, and the Minnesota state capitol.

Rhode Island - downtown Providence - Crawford Street Bride over the Providence River - o.k. photo

Rhode Island - Providence - o.k. photo

Rhode Island - Providence - historic houses on Thomas Street - o.k. photo

Bock Island

Rhode Island - Block Island - Surf Beach - s.v. photo

New Shoreham

Rhode Island - New Shoreham - Water Street - s.v. photo


Rhode Island - Narragansett - Bay Twin Towers - s.v. photo

Rhode Island - Narragansett - Town Beach - surfers in July - s.v. photo


Rhode Island - Warwick - Town Hall with War Memorial - s.v. photo

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