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There are no self-service gas stations in Oregon - in the US only here and New Jersey. (A law passed in 2018 that allows rural counties in Oregon to offer self serve gas.)

Oregon - Vietnam Veterans Memorial Hgwy - Elter photo

Oregon - Portland - Morrison Bridge - Elter photo

Portland - metro - o.k. photo

Portland - Marquam (double-deck) Bridge - o.k. photo



Portland - Old Town - NW 3rd Ave - BrewCicyle - o.k. photo

Public safety

Oregon has adequate public safety; however, some Salem and Portland neighborhoods are considered risky because of their gangs.


In the state of Oregon, smoking is prohibited in the car (including on your own).


Destination in brief

Oregon is a state on the northwestern Pacific coast of the United States

The name Oregon may come from the French word ouragan, which means hurricane or windstorm. Perhaps it refers to the massive windstorms that characterize the Columbia River area. Others believe that the name Oregon comes from the Spanish word orejon (big ear).

Size: 255,026 km²  (98,466 mi²)

Population (in 2020): 4.3. million - 84% White, 5% Asian, 2% Black or African American, 1% Native American, 5% Two or more races

Capital city: Salem


The Oregon coast is over 480 kilometers (300 miles) long. 

Oregon - Crater Lake - m.m. photo

Oregon -The Pinnacles at Crater lake - m.m. photo

Oregon - North Island Viewpoint - m.m. photo

Oregon - Mount KcKenzie from Roxy Ann Peak - m.m. photo

Oregon - Mount Esiner - m.m. photo


Cloudy or drizzles for 7–8 months of the years.


In 1994, Oregon became the first U.S. state to allow medical-assisted suicide. That has also resulted in a significant increase in suicides.


People in Portland are known for being aloof, you will not see anything like the southern hospitality with people striking a random conversation.



Population (in 2020): 664,000 - 81% White (76% Non-Hispanic White), 8% Asian, 6% Black or Afro-American

There is no other city in the world with so many breweries within city limits: more than 60.

Portland is the record holder in terms of the number of striptease clubs per capita in the US.

Portland - White Stag sign - symbol of Portland, a historic landmark - o.k. photo

Portland - West Burnside street - o.k. photo

Portland- Tom McCall Waterfront Park - USS Oregon - the mast of the battleship USS Oregon - Elter photo

Portland - Elter photo

Portland - Grocery store - j.k. photo

Oregon - the port of Portland - Elter photo

Crater Lake

Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the US. This volcanic crater is in southern Oregon. Its deepest measured depth is 594 meters (1,949 feet)  Crater Lake is the ninth-deepest lake in the world.

Oregon - Crater Lake National Park - l.j. photo

Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area

Oregon - Portland area - Bridge of the Gods - Sightseeing Cruise on the Columbia River - Elter photo

Oregon - Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area - Multnomah Falls - Elter photo

Hell's Canyon


Crater Lake

Oregon - Crater Lake - m.m. photo

Silver Falls State Park

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