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Chicago - w.h. photo

The city captivated me the minute I arrived, and it didn’t take me long to figure out what that special attraction was which – at least to me – makes Chicago so enchanting. I think if you were to knead together New York and San Francisco, you’d get Chicago. I visited those cities a few years ago, and I’m a big fan of both, so I can’t even tell you how pleased I was to find somewhere that combines the best of the city that never sleeps with the jewelry box of the West Coast. Chicago has all the hustle, the energy, and – yes – the depravity of New York. It has the mind-blowing skyscrapers, the architectural marvels, the mix of old and new. At the same time, it also has something of the refinement, the elegance, the beauty and relaxation, which I found in San Francisco.

For some reason, Chicago isn’t on a lot of people’s bucket lists. When they think about visiting the US, almost all tourists dream about a trip to New York or Los Angeles. My experience, however, is that people are always positively surprised by Chicago, and would love to go back – many have even said that it’s their favorite US city. Maybe that’s a consequence of low expectations, and people come here expecting just another boring, grey, modern American city – which it absolutely isn’t! Once you’ve seen it for yourself, I’m quite sure you too will want to be back some day. 😊
(Agnes, 2020)




Chicago - cta - t.n. photo

Chicago Watertaxi - t.r. phto



Chicago - Manny's Deli - v.s. photo

Chicago - ice cream - d.p. photo



Chicago - Pioneer Court on Michigan Avenue - Forever Marilyn statue - in this city, a wind to flutter a skirt is guaranteed - b.e. photo

Chicago - Tina Turner imitator - m.z. photo

Public safety




Chicago - jogging - w.h. photo



Chicago - street art - c.c. photo

Chicago - dog - g.e.


Chicago - z.m. photo

Destination in brief

Chicago lies on the shores of Lake Michigan, and often called the "Windy City".

Population (in 2020): 2.7 million (City area), 8.8 million (Urban or Metro area)    - 44% Whites (Hispanics excluded), 32% Blacks (Afro Americans), 28% Hispanics (Latino)

Third largest US city (after New York and Los Angeles)

Average net monthly salary (in 2020): 4200 USD -  (US average is 3600 USD)



Chicago - mist - w.b. photo

Chicago - dense fog in March - b.e. photo



Chicago - Grant Park - Statue of General John A. Logan (1826-1886) - g.e. photo



Chicago - ,,The Bean,” - Millennium Park’s Cloud Gate sculpture - z.m. photo

Chicago - Willis Tower - Glass Ledge on the 103rd floor - z.m. photo

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