About us

Destinotes.com is a new kind of travel site. It’s not a traditional blog, and it’s not a travel agency hiding behind a pretense of impartial advice. Instead, what we’re offering are the honest, individual opinions of our contributors to every country in the world, as well as many hundreds of cities and regions.

The writers who contribute to this site have traveled all the world and come from France, Hungary, the USA, Northern Ireland, England, Russia, and Brazil. The text in black was written by official contributors, while the text in green has been supplied by dozens of fellow travelers. Our opinions are, of course, debatable, and we encourage contrary opinions, so long as they’re based on experience.

Regarding the critical opinions voiced here, I would just like to stress my strong belief that travelers are much better served by a frank assessment of both the pros and cons of their chosen destination, than by uncritical puff.

We welcome both travel accounts and interesting photographs, which will be posted on our website alongside a source designation.