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Missouri - St. Louis - g.e. photo





Missouri - Springfield Style Cashew Chicken - j.k. photo

Public safety


Missouri - police vehicle - not for golf, still for fun

Missouri - Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri - in movie only


Missouri - Jefferson City - Missouri State Capitol - j.k. photo

Destination in brief

The common abbreviation for the state is MO. Missouri was named after the Missouri River, which takes its name from the Missouri Indian people.

Neighbors: Iowa (north), Illinois, Kentucky (east), Tennessee, Arkansas (south), Oklahoma (southwest), Kansas (west), Nebraska (northwest). Missouri is a landlocked state.

Size: 180,533 km²  (69,697 sq mi)

Population (in 2020): 6.1 million - 82,2% White, 11,6% Black (African American), 2,6% two or more races, 2% Asian, 0,5% Native American

Capital city: Jefferson City


Missouri was also known as the "Gateway to the West" because it was a transit country for settlers on their way to the west. During the American Civil War, though Missouri continued to practice slavery, it remained with the United States and did not join the other southern states.


In Missouri, agricultural production focuses on beef, beans, pork, hay, corn, poultry, and eggs.
In southeast Missouri, in the fertile plains of the Mississippi, cotton and rice are grown. Missouri has extensive reserves of limestone. Other natural resources are lead ore and coal. Tourism and services are other important branches of business nowadays.


St. Louis with the Gateway Arch

Blues legend, Chuck Berry is the city's great son.

Missouri - St Louis - Gateway Arch - j.k. photo

Missouri - St. Louis - Union Station Hotel - g.e. photo

Missouri - St. Louis - N. Grand Blvd. with The Fox Theatre - former movie palace, now a performing arts center - g.e. photo

Missouri - St- Louis downtown - City Garden - Something is missing - g.e. photo


Jefferson City

Kansas City

 Lake of the Ozarks



Missouri - Joplin - g.e. photo

Missouri - Joplin - Historic Landmark - g.e. photo

Missouri - Joplin - US 66 - g.e. photo

Missouri - Joplin - street art - g.e. photo

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