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Andorra - Old Town (Barri Antic) - Elter photo







Andorra - Andorra la Vella - Caldea thermal spring center - k-t.g. photo



Andorra - Andorra la Vella - Overflow by Jaume Plensa - Elter photo


Andorra - national flag

Destination in brief

Andorra in brief

Andorra is a small, landlocked country in the Pyrenees, straddling the border between France (from the north) and Spain (from the south).

Size: 468 square kilometers (290 square miles) – it is in the top 20 smallest countries of the world

The system of government is peculiar: a parliamentary constitutional diarchy, where the co-princes are the current President of France and the Bishop of Urgel (nearby in Spain).

Population: 77,000 (2019) - 43% of the population are actually Spanish citizens

Capital city: Andorra de la Vella, which is the highest capital city in Europe - around 1,023 meters (3,56 feet) above sea level

Languages: Catalan is the official language, but Spanish is widely spoken, and 20% of the population speak French

Religions: 89% Christian, 9% unafliated

Currency: Euro (although Andorra is not a member of the European Union and is not even in the Eurozone)

There are no border controls at its borders.

The main attractions of the mini-state: a tax and duty free paradise. The bulk of its visitors are not the usual tourists, but one-day shopping tourists (mainly from France). The French come mostly to buy alcohol and tobacco. There are gigantic tax-free stores near the Spanish border as well.

There is however at least one important tourist sight: the Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley. This glacial valley is a UNESCO natural world heritage site. Also worth mentioning: Andorra offers high-quality ski resorts.

A very safe country. A maximum of 4-6 car thefts are recorded per year.

A wealthy country with generous social services and its life expectancy (82 years) is the 4th highest in the world.

,,Andorra is like if you took Switzerland and France, rolled them into a small country, cut the prices by three and added some Catalan mischief to the mix."




Andorra - Andorra la Vella - environmental protection in its own way - k-t.g.

Andorra - A UNESCO world heritage site, Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley, which takes 9% of the mini-country's territory - There are no roads in the valley except for hiking trails -Viktor Ohotin's photo



Andorra old - k-t.g. photo


Andorra la Vella

Andorra - Andorra la Vella - Casa de la Vall, a 16th-century manor house, now housing the parliament of Andorra - Vikto Ohotin's photo

Andorra la Vella - Pont de Paris (bridge) - Viktor Ohotin's photo

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