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Lille - temporary car-free Rue de Grand




Lille is easily reached by train from Brussels (45 min.), Paris (60 min.), and London (85 min.).



Lille - Halles de Lille Wazemmes


Euralille shopping center


Rue Solferino is the center of nightlife. Recommended Party Venues: The Network Cafe (trendy)

Lille - cafe bar

Public safety

Lille is a safe city.  Even late at night, you can walk safely through the city center. Pickpockets are working in the town, so you better watch out. On Saturday nights, the unpredictability of drunken guys is a source of danger.

Be slightly cautious in the market of Wazemmes.

Lille - police



Lille - Grand Place - The pink bra on The Column of the Goddess supposed to remind people of the battle against breast cancer - m.b. photo


Lille - Old Town - huge crowd - s.a. photo

Destination in brief

Lille is a town in the northern part of France, close to the Belgian border. Lille has deep Flemish roots. Rijsel is the Flemish name if the city.

Population (in 2020): 233,000 - France's fourth biggest city, - about 10% university students

Don’t be surprised if in some areas in and around Lille you hear people speaking Flemish language.

Average net monthly salary (in 2020): 1900 Euro

Lille used to be primarily an industrial city, but today it is a major cultural center, and its beautiful Old Town attracts a large number of tourists. Nevertheless, Lille is not a trendy tourist destination, as the public opinion still associate it with its old character, say an ugly industrial city. Yet Lille is now a particularly attractive, charming city.  The most beautiful streets with fun shops are around the cathedral, namely rue Péterinck, rue Vieux Murs, and rue Trois Mollette's.


,, Unfortunately, it does rain quite a bit there. It doesn’t rain heavily or permanently, but you know there is going to be a shower almost every day."


Old Town (Vieux-Lille)

Lille - Old Town - p.i. photo

Lille - Old Town - m.m. photo

Lille - Old Town - v.f. photo

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