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It is often difficult to catch a free taxi; the taxi is expensive.

It is difficult to find a parking space with a rented car.

Slippery roads are dangerous for motorcyclists


Entry to trendy clubs may cost 35-50 Euros.

Ibiza - Pacha Disco - b.a. photo

Ibiza - David Guetta - b.a. photo

Ibiza - Hï Ibiza nigth club - Armin Van Buren - b.a. photo

Ibiza - Dancing with Spider-Man



Ibiza - street art - b.a. photo

Ibiza - street art - b.a. photo


Ibiza - Ibiza Town, port city - b.a. photo

Destination in brief

Ibiza is a Spanish island, a popular holiday destination in the Balearic Sea (which is part of the Mediterranean Sea),  east of the coast of mainland Spain, in the height of Costa Blanca, southwest of Mallorca. 

Ibiza is one of the four largest Balearic Islands (others: Mallorca, Menorca, and Formentera).

Size: 571.6 km²  (220.7 mi²) - On the island, there is no longer distance than a 40-minute drive.

(in 2020): 147,000 - one-fifth of them are expatriates

Locals speak Catalan and Spanish.

More than three million vacationers visit Ibiza during the summer months. In July and August, a big part of the island is terribly overcrowded with packed buses, fully booked hotels, cramped discos, and bars.

Ibiza has a noisy part where nightlife is concentrated and a quieter part (like Santa Eulalia). 

The advantage of Ibiza over Mallorca is that it is smaller and thus easier to explore the island, as there is life beyond partying.  The island offers cultural sights and historical monuments and atmospheric small villages. Nature is beautiful: cliffs, pine forests, bays, etc.


Ibiza has probably the best climate in the Balearic Islands. It is pleasantly warm starting April (20-23 degrees). Summer is warm, seldom too hot. In June, the evening can be a bit cool. It rains very rarely until August.
Fine holiday weather is expected by mid-September. More and more rain comes after the end of September. The high season ends in October before the heavily rainy November comes.  Even in the coldest winter months, the temperature does not sink below 7 degrees at night and 14 degrees during the day.


Ibiza Town

Ibiza - Ibiza Town - Old Town - statue with sailor at the rudder - b.a. photo

Ibiza Town - b.a. photo

Ibiza Town - b.a. photo

Ibiza Town - b.a. photo

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