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Marbella - One of the open-air sculptures of Dali - Kriszta photo

Marbella is Monaco’s little brother. It is the most exclusive, most elegant and most expensive spot on the Costa del Sol. You really could call it a relative of Monaco, as many royals, princes, politicians, and actors such as Antonio Banderas and Sean Connery have spent their holidays here. The harbor is full of elegant yachts, the parking lots are full of Porsches and Ferraris, and hideously expensive shops and restaurants stand next to luxury villas.
The old town is full of narrow streets and cozy little squares, and you can even find a few remnants of Roman and Moorish civilization. It has to be admitted, the place does have a certain magic. (2017)



The car park of the El Corte Ingles stores is the cheapest and best parking in Puerto Banus and Marbella. Parking is free at the Andalucía Plaza.

Marbella - public bus - b.v. photo

Marbella - Marina - Krista photo



Marbella - Plaza de los Naranjos - restaurant - Krista photo

Marbella - Old Town - Cafe - Krista photo


La Cañada is one of the largest shopping malls in Andalusia.

Marbella - La Cañada - b.d. photo

Marbella - shopping - Krista photo



Marbella - party - Krista photo



Marbella - Avenida del Mar - One of the Dali sculptures - Krista photo

Marbella - seaside promenade with the lighthouse (Faro de Marbella) - Krista photo


Marbella - Seafront promenade (Paseo Maritimo) - Krista photo

Destination in brief

Marbella is the most famous and fanciest city on the Costa del Sol, an expensive vacation place, strongly hyped up, targeting the upmarket. In this context, surprisingly, Marbella has some modest-looking parts, away from the center and the Old Town.

Marbella is 59 km from Málaga (one hour) and 46 km from Torremolinos (40 minutes).

Population (in 2020): 134,000

30% of the population is foreigner, a lot of Russians.
Undoubtedly, Marbella's highlights are the remarkable Old Town, the elegant coastal promenade, and the famous port of Puerto Banús.
There is a lot of green space. The heat is a bit milder here in summer than in many other parts of the Costa del Sol.
Marbella is very expensive. The local beaches are not particularly attractive.


Marbella has an almost 30 km (18,6 mi) long coastline. Huge money was invested here, accompanied by a corruption scandal involving the city authorities. Nevertheless, Marbella is a thriving, vibrant, pulsating, delightful holiday destination.


Old Town

or Casco Antiguo, or Marbella Pueblo, basically the Plaza de Los Naranjos, Calle Aduar, and Calle Alcantarilla. It’s very cozy during the day; wich means here starting at 11 a.m. The Old Town is remarkably clean; the houses are full of flowers, garland here and there. Of course, the highlight is the atmosphere in the evenings.

Marbella -Old Town - Krista photo

Marbella - Old Town - Greater church of the Encarnacion (Iglesia de la Encarnación) - Krista photo

Marbella -Old Town - Kriszta photo

Marbella -Old Town - g.r. photo


El Faro Beach: That is the most central beach. It is nicely maintained, with toilet, shower, plenty of sunbeds for rent.

Playa de Artola-Cabopino: t has a nudist section,too.

Marbella - beach - m.c. photo

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