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Bordeaux - La Cité du Vin - ata photo

Bordeaux - bird's-eye view - ata photo

Walking by the river, you pass the Place de la Bourse, and the large reflective pool in front of it. A little further on is Europe’s largest city-center square, Place des Quinconces. At this point, on a whim, we turned in towards the Marché des Quais, an open-air market by the riverside. Every Sunday between 7am and 3pm the space is filled with stallholders selling everything from the finest French cheeses to fresh mussels and oysters. If you’re looking for the true taste of France, there’s no better place than this.” (2018)







Bordeaux - Le Café Français Bistrot & Brasserie since 1899 - ata photo

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Bordeaux - the violinist strikes a balance - k.h. photo


Bordeaux - ata photo

Destination in brief

Bordeaux city is in southwestern France in a region called Aquitaine. The Garonne River flows through the town.
Bordeaux is about 45 km (28 mi) from the Atlantic Ocean.  During the ocean's high tide, you can observe in the town the rising water level of the Garonne. 

Population (in 2020): 969,000

Average net monthly salary (in 2020): 2000 Euro

The old part of Bordeaux, with its port (Porte de la Lune), is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Bordeaux evokes the past with at least five thousand (!) Gothic or Baroque buildings, many of them are from the 17th century.



Bordeaux -allée - ata photo



Bordeaux - Place de la Bourse Square & Miroir d'Eau, built in classical French 18th century style - ata photo

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