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“We let the city surprise us, and it did. Even apart from Romeo and Juliet, there’s plenty here to keep a visitor occupied. It’s not a big city, making it perfect for a few hours’ sightseeing, but you could easily spend days exploring different parts of town.

On the edge of the old town there are plenty of multi-story parking lots, and just a stone’s throw from Lake Garda. The city itself is beautiful and full of atmosphere, though there are sometimes too many tourists.
We began our tour at the Piazza Brá, by the Verona Arena, which is an ancient Roman amphitheater transformed into a live event venue. It seems they have some pretty state-of-the-art stage technology built into it. Incidentally, outside of the Colosseum in Rome and the Capua amphitheater, Verona’s is the largest in the world.

We soon ticked off the obligatory sights, like Juliet’s balcony, which is obviously a fake me. I waited for long, long minutes, in case some Slavic girl should appear in a window or on the balcony. People bay €5 to stand in a queue for an hour, then at last they get to pose on the balcony, while dad takes pictures from the street below.

Half the people are looking at the balcony (and the Slavic chicks) while the other half are touching the breasts on the Juliet statue.
There are some places in Italy where it isn’t easy to put up with the people around you, so of course this was totally fine, in the sweltering heat. (2017)

Verona - Piazza Dei Signori

Verona - Piazza del Erbe

Verona - Piazzetta Pescheria (Small piazza of Fish shop)



A three-course meal for 2 People is a mid-range restaurant: around  53 Euro.  

Public safety


Verona - police



Verona - Julia, the Superstar - g.d. photo


Verona - Ancient city gate

Destination in brief

Verona is in Northern Italy, east of the Garda Lake, west of Padova and Venice.

Population (in 2020): 219,100 (city area) and 630,000 (urban area) - Approx. 10% of the population is immigrants (mostly Romanians, Southeast Asians, North Africans)

The entire city of Verona is a UNESCO World Heritage site, eminently thanks to its famous ancient Arena, where opera festivals are held during the summer.

Verona, of course, is associated with the story of Romeo and Juliet. We know, though, that the tragic love story, along with its characters, is a fiction of Shakespeare.



Verona - pedestrian zone



Verona -Arena - Viktor Ohotin's photo

Churches of Verona

Verona - cupola in the Duomo Cattedrale di Santa Maria

Verona - Inner Court in Basilica of San Zeno - Tom's photo

Verona - churches - St. Anastasia

Piazza Erbe

Verona - Piazza Erbe - Fontana Madonna - p.a. photo

Porta Borsari

Verona - Porta Borsari - p.a. photo

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