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Trieste was an Austrian city for many centuries, and remains the ‘least Italian’ of Italian cities, but this is just what makes it unique. The main square, Piazza Unitá, named after union with Italy, is the city’s main attraction during the day, and when it’s illuminated in the evening it becomes truly spectacular.
In the mountains which surround Trieste, between San Nazario and Opicina, is a hiking route called the Strada Napoleonica. Part of this is a paved path, while in other places it’s just a well-worn woodland trail.


If you approach the city from Slovenia, Trieste looks absolutely atrocious. You drive across a sort of bypass/entrance overpass, and a gigantic industrial port unfolds in front of you. I can hardly imagine a worse first impression, and while it turns out to be far better than this suggests, there’s a moment when you wonder what you’ll do if it isn’t…” (2017)




Trieste - Vittoria Light (Faro della Vittoria), an active lighthouse - Elter photo




Trieste - The girls of Trieste - Le ragazze di Trieste - Elter photo

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