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Lake Garda - Toblino Castle - few km of Arco, Riva del Garda and Torbole - f.p. photo


“Our hotel was in the town of Garda itself. We took the cable car (unfortunately) up to Monte Balda (€22 per person) then realized the next day when we looked at our map that we could have got there by car as well. (We did some hiking too – it’s fantastic to walk in that beautiful landscape).

We rented trekking bikes for one day and did a 20km tour along the lakeshore… We saw Bardolino Castle, had lunch and then cycled back.

We spent one afternoon shopping and visited a mall in a town called Affi (and bought very good quality clothes and shoes, at good prices).

Most of our time was spent sightseeing in towns, but I have to admit that there were lots of sights we only looked at from the car. The traffic was terrible – it took us 30 minutes to get to a shop just 8km away because everything was so slow. That’s why we missed out on so many sights. If we went back we’d definitely rent a motorbike instead.” (z.k. 2019)


“Forgive me if I gush a little in describing what is so wonderful about this lake. Lake Garda forms a peculiar little world of its own: a mixture of Mediterranean atmosphere and majestic mountains. This 51-km-long glacier lake is hemmed in from the north, west, and east by the high peaks of the Dolomites, while its southern reaches are bordered by a broad plain. On its eastern and western shores, the vast mountains seem to ‘grow’ almost directly out of the water. This is where the winding road which skirts the lake passes through a series of tunnels. Along its sides, planted like rows of candles, grow tall, branching cypresses, colorful oleanders, bougainvilleas, slender palms, and groves of lemon trees.

Armies of windsurfers race across the endless, dark-blue surface of the lake. Due to the scale of the lake, and the southern vegetation, we might easily imagine we’ve reached the shores of the Mediterranean, were it not for the mountains, the peaks of which are still blanketed with snow in the springtime. So, outside of this Southern Italian/Swiss region of lakes, where else can such a unique and beguiling atmosphere be found?



“There is a high-quality road which runs right around the lake, sometimes running through tunnels or beneath high cliffs. It is suitable for cycling as well, and the drivers are tolerant of cyclists – the driving culture here has adapted to them. The circumference of the lake is around 150km in total, and there are no steep ascents or descents – it’s fairly flat. So long as you remember the names of a few towns, you don’t even need a map.

Lake Garda - Strada della Forra, the most beautiful road section of the lake - a.m. photo

Lake Garda - shore road with tunnel - v.g. photo

Lake Garda - driving straight into the trap - h.v. photo



Lake Garda - Treminoso Pro Loco - advantageous view - v.g. photo



Lake Garda - pizza in a cross-sectional view - g.r. photo

Lake Garda - another dinner - v.g. photo

Lake Garda - dinner - v.g. photo

Lake Garda - ice cream - v.g. photo

Public safety


Lake Garda - boat of the gendarmerie- m.s. photo

Lake Garda - Bardolino - police car - a.f. photo

Lake Garda - diver of the gendarmerie - l.d. photo



Lake Garda - Sirmione - Jamaica Beach - crowd in August 2020 -r.f. photo



Lake Garda - Cassone - s.m. photo

Lake Garda - Bellagio - l.z. photo

Lake Garda - Lazise - A statue of Romeo and Juliet touching hands - a.l. photo


Lake Garda

Destination in brief

Lake Garda (in Italian Lago di Garda) is located is Northern Italy, among the three regions: Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino-Alto Adige.

Surface: 370 km2  (142 mi2) - Lake Garda is the largest lake of Italy

Max. width: 17,2 km (10,6 mi) - Max. lenght:  51,6 km (32 mi)
Max. depth: 346 m (1135 ft) - Medium depth: 133 m(436 ft)

Towns or villages at the lake: Peschiera, Sirmione, Manerba, Saló, Limone, Riva del Garda, Torboe, Arco, Malcesine, Bardolino

Cities in the area: Verona, Vicenza, Mantova, Solferino, Brescia, Rovereto, Trento



Lake Garda - Limone - sinister sky - m.l. photo


Lake Garda - Desenzano del Garda - b.g. photo

Lake Garda - Ferrara di Monte Baldo - Sanctuary of Madonna della Corona - r.m. photo



Lake Garda - Sirmione - e.k. photo

Lake Garda - Sirmione sul Garda - Scaligero Castle - p.g. photo

Limone sul Garda

Lake Garda - Limone sul Garda - p.g. photo

Arco&Monte Colodri 

Lake Garda - Arco - v.g. photo

Riva del Garda

Population (in 2021): 15 693

Lake Garda - Riva del Garda - Town Square - Waterfront sculpture - g.v. photo

Lake Garda - Riva del Garda - g.v. photo

Lake Garda - Riva del Garda - v.g. photo

Lake Garda - Riva de Garda - v.g. photo

Lake Garda - Riva de Garda - v.g. photo

Lake Garda - Riva del Garda - v.g. photo

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