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“Perhaps the only way to get a complete picture of Tuscany is to combine, for instance, a visit to a small, tranquil village with an afternoon in one of the bustling cities full of architectural splendors. Or you could stay on a small farm that blends into the Tuscan landscape, ending the day with pasta e faglioli and a glass of good red wine. And if you want to cool off, you can always head to the beach. My partner and I have been following these precepts for years, and we seem never to get tired of it. La dolce vita!”


“In the smaller towns and villages of Tuscany, it’s as though time stands still. There are many city walls, stone houses and old, seemingly abandoned villas which have clearly stood for many centuries. It’s like exploring a movie set. Montepulciano and San Gimignano are wonderful – as, in fact, is the whole Orcia Valley. And this is just one small part of Tuscany. The cities, such as Pienza and Siena, are full of breathtaking sights. After the sleepy villages, however, it was hard to adjust to the big cities, where if you don’t watch out you could easily get run over by a moped.

There is certainly no shortage of churches and cathedrals, and all are adorned with such meticulous carvings that you could photograph every square inch. A single day is not enough for Florence, which possesses a wealth of cultural sights in its museums and exhibitions. Even if you just want to walk around the city, it will still take you several hours. In terms of Italian gastronomy, there’s plenty to choose from: crispy yet crumbly sweet pastries, coffee products, pasta, pizza, cheeses, and of course an amazing selection of white and red wines from various family vineyards of all sizes.

All in all, the landscape, cities, atmosphere, food and hospitality make this part of Italy such an attractive destination that I am not at all surprised so many people choose to holiday here every year.




Tuscany - Saturnia with natural thermal baths - n.a. photo




Tuscany - Tuscan Cypress - n.a. photo

Tuscany - typical landscape - n.a. photo


San Gimignano

Tuscany - San Gimignano - n.a. photo

Tuscany - San Gimignano - n.a. photo


Tuscany - Pitigliano - n.a. photo

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