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“Not for nothing do they call Bologna ‘the Red City’ – everything is in shades of red, yellow, orange and terracotta. Without a doubt, the most famous sights in the city are the Two Towers (one of which leans, so Pisa doesn’t have a monopoly on leaning towers). It’s possible to walk to the top of the towers.

You could walk around the city center in a few hours, but I still had the feeling that we were just scratching the surface. We were able to see some sights, and get a sense of the atmosphere, but we didn’t find out much about it.”

“There are a huge number of arcaded walkways in the city – it’s the characteristic Bologna solution to excessive heat. Apparently there are 38km of them altogether, so it really is possible to walk almost everywhere in the city without getting sunburned (or getting wet in the rain).

I think it’s a very charming, beautiful city, and I loved the atmosphere. After about the eighth photo I realized I’d be at this all day if I tried to photograph every beautiful thing, but I still couldn’t resist some of the more spectacular sights.

A few dirty, smelly streets bring you back to earth, but most of the city is clean and tidy – especially the areas where the shops, restaurants and cafes are.” (2018)

“Several people asked me “why Bologna? Is there anything to see there?”  Well, there certainly is. The city has a very pleasant atmosphere, with wide, charming streets and a lot – and I mean a lot – of arcades, which help shield you from the summer heat.” (2018)

Bologna - h.a.

Bologna - street scene - ata photo




Bologna - cars in a narrow street - i.k. photo

Bologna - small land train - a.f. photo


“Italian osterias are places where you can usually eat very delicious food at very reasonable prices, but in Bologna, there is a unique place, the Osteria del Sole, where you can take your food and order a drink to go with it. The area is always full of locals who want to get to know each other.
Another well-known osteria is Broccaindosso, where you can eat delicious desserts.” (2018)
After some phone calls, we went to a restaurant on an obscure side street for lunch, where we only briefly had to wait in line. The problem with restaurants that look ‘authentic,’ ‘local,’ and ‘hidden’ from online search results is that other people also use the Internet. Still, the food was delicious – we ate lasagna and spaghetti Bolognese made from thick egg-based tagliatelle pasta.” (2022)

Bologna - Mortadella sandwich - b.f. photo

Bologna - cafe - h.a. photo



Bologna - shoes - ata photo

Bologna - fish - h.a. photo



Bologna - the towers seen in the night - a.f. photo

Bologna - e.k. photo

Bologna - cafe bars - k.t. photo

Public safety


Bologna - providing information on suspicious figures - there were three of them and they went in that direction together



Bologna - street art - b.s. photo


Bologna - view - ata photo

Bologna - e.k. photo

Destination in brief

Population (in 2020): 806,000

Average net monthly salary (in 2020): 1450 Euro 



Bologna - snow in January - v.c. photo



Bologna - a shop founded in 1694 - g.a. photo



Bologna - square with statues



Bologna - two towers - ata photo

Bologna - Neptune fountain in the Piazza Maggiore - ata photo

Bologna - The Basilica of Saint Francis - a.f. photo

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