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San Marino - d.a. photo

San Marino - view - t.c. photo

“There’s only one interesting thing in San Marino: the view. Thanks to its geographic location, this tiny country can look out at (and look down on) the surrounding Italian countryside. The panoramic view from Monte Titano is not beautiful because of San Marino, but because of the Adriatic, which lies just a few kilometers away.

A twenty-minute walk up moderately winding and moderately uninteresting streets is more than enough, and we can only stay and enjoy the view if we buy a coffee.

On the plus side, the citizens of San Marino hardly charge more than the Italians down on the plains, though it’s a feature of mini states that they’re usually expensive. A negative point is the fact that the view is practically the same from many neighboring, only slightly smaller hills, and there the parking doesn’t cost €2 per hour.



San Marino does not have its own airport.



San Marino - p.h. photo

San Marino - s.k. photo


San Marino - national flag - k.r. photo

San Marino in total

Destination in brief

San Marino is an independent country, an enclave within the Central part of Italy, encircled by the region of Emiglia Romana.

Name in Italian: Repubblica di San Marino or  Serenissima Repubblica di San Marino (Most Serene Republic of San Marino) 

Size: 61.2 km² (23.63 mi²) - San Marino s the third smallest country in Europe, after Vatican and Monaco, and the fifth smallest country in the whole world.

Population (in 2020): 33,500

Average net monthly salary (in 2020): 1900 Euro  (Italy average: 1400 Euro)

Most common surname: Gasperoni

Tourist attractions:

Piazza della Libertà, Palazzo Pubblico (headquarter of the government), La Basilica di San Marino

The symbol of San Marino are its 3 towers:  Guaita, Cesta et Montale (this third one is not open for visitors).

San Marino - surroundings - t.c. photo





San Marino - national pride



San Marino - d.a. photo

San Marino - The Basilica - p.h. photo

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