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Arezzo - Piazza Grande from above - Krista K. photo

,, Arezzo is a beautiful, very compact small town. The city center is at the top of the hill as it should be; the cobblestoned streets and the medieval houses are lovely. I especially liked the elderly locals full of energy. An old lady in her 80s climbs the steep street with her rolling shopping bag at a leisurely pace while looking around with routine confidence. In a butchery, the two shopkeepers are likewise in their eighties, and they serve us with adorable old-style professionalism.   (Krista, 2022)



The Old Town is not car-friendly at all. The parking rules are strictly enforced. Avoid getting a painful fine. Visitors should expect to pay a minimum of 10 Euro/day for parking. There are very few parking spots for non-residents. You better find a car park further from the Old Town and then walk. The area of the tourist sights is not so big, easily walkable. It is recommended to wear solid shoes due to the sloping streets.(Krista, 2022)

Arezzo - Pedestrian zone - Krista K. photo

Arezzo - public bus - Krista K. photo


The opening hours of the restaurants are annoying for a tourist. They are open from noon to two, maximum to three, and seven to eleven in the evenings. We had the impression that the life of the restaurant owners is basically concentrated around the siesta. Fortunately, Arezzo has a Pakistani immigrant community, and their eateries are open most of the day.

On weekends the restaurants are full of customers, and you are expected to make a reservation.

Restaurants charge 2-3 euros per person for coperto (cover charge) everywhere. The cost of a dinner/lunch for two rarely stops under € 50.

Arezzo - Caffeteria - Krista K. photo



Arezzo - Italian proverb: 'Guest is like the fish, begins to smell after three days - kr

Public safety


Arezzo - Police car - Krista K. photo



Arezzo - One of the scenes in Life Is Beautiful was filmed here - Krista K.'s photo


Destination in brief

Population (in 2022): 95,000

Tuscan city is little discovered by foreign tourists. It is located 80 km southeast of Florence

Before you visit Arezzo, we recommend seeing the Oscar-winning film "Life is Beautiful" (La Vita É Bella), directed by Roberto Begnini. This great movie was mainly filmed in this city.


Locals are very proud of Arezzo's history and culture. However, sometimes they may exaggerate when explaining that the rival  Florentines could only manage to occupy Arezzo by a trick in medieval times.



Arezzo - Piazza de San Francisco - Krista K. photo


Piazza Grande

Arezzo - Piazza Grande - Il palazzo della Fraternita dei Laici - Krista K. photo

Arezzo - Piazza Grande - Krista K. photo

Old Town

Arezzo - Old Town - Krista K. photo


Arezzo - The Basilica of San Francesco - Krista K. photo

Arezzo - Badia delle Sante Flora e Lucilla - Krista K. photo

Arezzo - The Chiesa della Santissima Annunziata - Krista K. photo

Corso Italia

Arezzo - Old Town - Corso Italia - Krista K. photo

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