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“Venice is popular with tourists, but I don’t particularly like tourists (strange thing for a tourist to write!) Still, the whole family agreed that navigating this endless sea of tourists was more a torment than a pleasure, and especially in the humid air… So we sailed into overcrowded Venice aboard a vaporetto, and after setting off into the city we almost immediately got lost. This, however, was much more romantic than elsewhere, and it was great to wander these narrow streets with their unique atmosphere.

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Bikes, Skateboards, Roller Skates are not allowed.


“YOU CAN NOW PAY FOR GONDOLA RIDES BY CARD. We have just got back home, and I would like to describe an important experience. I want to draw the attention of those hoping to go on a gondola ride to a small annoyance. My husband really wanted to try it, and while at first, I thought 80 euros for a half-hour ride is a lot, since you can't take a gondola ride anywhere else in the world, we shouldn’t miss out. The problem started when we didn't take cash with us. We thought we could exchange currency there. We read everywhere that cash is required for gondola rides, but we asked three gondoliers whether it would be possible to pay by card. Two said no, but the third said that it could be done, we just had to go to a friend's convenience store, where they would swipe the card, and he would take us out on the gondola. My husband rejected this option: he likes simple financial transactions, especially when a tourist abroad. That's why we decided to exchange money. The hotel receptionist warned me to be careful with the money exchangers because they’re known to cheat. We would be better off going to the bank. We spent a whole morning looking for a bank. But all were either closed or didn't exchange money. In the end, we also asked two money changers. They charged unbelievable rates. Unfortunately, I don't remember the exact bill of exchange number and commission anymore, only that we calculated it there and they wanted to give us that 80 EUR for a ridiculous price. My husband was disappointed but said he didn't want to pay that much either. The thing is, you can pay by card everywhere in Venice, you only need cash for the gondola, and the exchange offices make great use of this. In the end, I told him not to give up, you can certainly pay by card at one of them – it’s 2022, after all. On the way home, almost at the hotel, a nice gondolier asked if we would like to go for a gondola ride. I asked again whether it was possible to pay by card. To which he very naturally said of course it is. We were shocked. We immediately got on. It was wonderful. In the end, he pulled out a small terminal from his pocket, matched it with his mobile phone, and read our card. Needless to say, our bank exchanged EUR for us at a much more realistic price. This made our vacation complete. So I don't recommend any of the currency exchanges to anyone, because they are expensive, and also violent jerks. Better to find a gondola where you can pay by card, or else bring cash from home.” (2022)

Venice - traffic jam - Victor's photo

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“Can you eat well in Venice? It's not an impossible task, but you have to know what and where. Don’t bother with pizza, because it’s not traditional here – in Venice, which is densely built and full of narrow streets, open fires were forbidden for centuries, so there were no pizza ovens. The sea is present everywhere. Therefore, the gastronomy of the city is defined by fish (cefalo - sea bream, granseola - sea spider, cod), seafood (minestra di fagioli ai frutti di mare - thick soup with beans and seafood), and, in the north, rice, which is traditionally more common than pasta (risotto nero – with squid and its ink, and risi e bisi – with beans, cheese, and bacon). A typical snack is Cicchetti (small baguette slices, loaded to taste with cheese, ham, and tuna).” (2018)

Venice - breakfast - e.k. photo

Venice - cicchetti (small snacks) and spritz veneziano - n.c. photo

Venice - crema catalana with peach compote and meringue - n.c. photo



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Public safety

“In Venice, on Saint Mark’s Square, a guy pressed some bird food into the hand of my then 10-year-old sister, but she didn’t stand a chance, because the pigeons immediately started landing on her and eating out of his hand, while we gave the guy some money. But why did we pay, you ask? The whole thing was over in about 5-10 seconds, and we were too shocked to do anything. Then there was nothing to give back to him because all the bird food was gone 😃, but at least we got a few funny pictures 😃”



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Destination in brief

Venice (Venezia in Italian) is in the northeastern part of Italy. Venice consists of 118 islands connected by around 400 bridges and over 170 canals.

Population (in 2020): 271,000

About 4.7 million tourists visited Venice in 2019. Venice residents are unhappy about the ever-increasing number of visitors.  Venetians think that tourism that way is unsustainable, and Venice can not cope with this problem anymore. Many residents leave their home city because of the increasing cost of living and overcrowding of  Venice.

Average net monthly salary (in 2020):

A gondolier can earn a salary of around 8000 Euro/month.  There are now only around 400 gondoliers in Venice, compared to approximately 10,000 in the 16th century (no Vaporetto at that time).

The Venetian Lagoon area is a UNESCO world  heritage site.

Venice was built on millions of petrified logs driven into the ground. The logs were mostly from water-resistant Alder. The timber was brought to Venice by boat from other countries (e.g., Slovenia and Croatia).



Venice - St. Mark's Square (Piazza San Marco) - high water level - disappeared after an hour - n.c. photo



Venice - Bad luck - Tom's photo

Venice - Rialto Bridge on a rainy day - Tom's photo


Venice was an independent republic between 697 and 1797.



Venezia - message of the restaurant owner translated in English: Nix Mafia, Venice is sacred - p.j. photo



Venice - Venetian - g.m. photo


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