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Surprisingly, left-hand traffic!

St. Thomas - tourist transport - b.s. photo

St. Thomas - tourist taxi - b.s. photo

St. Thomas - cruise ships in the bay - b.s. photo



St. Thomas - Charlotte Amalie - Little Switzerland jewelry shop - b.s. photo

St. Thomas - rums - b.s. photo



St. Thomas - show for the arriving cruise passangers - b.s photo

Public safety


American Virgin Islands - St. Thomas - Charlotte Amalie - police car - s.b. photo

St. Thomas - security - b.s. photo



USVI - a world set on top of his head - t.c. photo



St. Thomas - public beach restrooms&showers - b.s. photo


Destination in brief

US Virgin Islands  (USVI) consist of three islands:St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix. USVI is in the Caribbean, and are geographically part of the Lesser Antilles islands.

Size: 346.4 km² (133.7 mi²) - St. Thomas: 80 sq km (31 sq mi) , St. John: 52 qkm (20 qmi), St Croix 218 km² (84.17 mi²) - St. Croix is the largest by size

Population (in 2020): 104,400 - St Thomas:51,600, St John: 4200, St Croix: 53,200 - so St Thomas is the largest by population - Approximately 76% of the people of the USVI are descendants of African ancestors who were brought to the Caribbean to work on sugar plantations as slaves. The rest are immigrants from Puerto Rico, North America, The Dominican Republic, Europe, the Middle East, India, and other countries.

Languages: English

Religions: 95% Christians

Currency: USD

Average net monthly salary (n 2020): 2000 USD

After the U.S. instituted its embargo of Cuba in 1960, American tourists flocked to the Virgin Islands as a tropical alternative. Today, tourism is the USVI’s number one industry.

Prices are about 30% higher than in the mainland US.

The high season is between December and April, with plenty of people coming to the islands, especially Americans. Hotel prices are then up to three times higher than in the low season.

For divers, the period between April and August is ideal, as the sea is calmer and the underwater visibility is better.

The US Virgin Islands are the only place in the USA where you drive on the left side of the road.

An average of 680 cruises make a port stop in USVI each year, accounting for 2 million of the nation's 2.6 million annual visitors.



St- Thomas - downpour in February - b.s. photo



Tourist etiquette


St. Thomas

St. Thomas - Magens Bay - b.s. photo

St. Thomas - Fort Christian - b.s. photo

St. Thomas - Charlotte Amalie - b.s. photo

St. Thomas - Charlotte Amalie - b.s. photo

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