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Montserrat - view - a.p. photo



A daily ferry service runs from nearby Antigua.  Three hours 20 minutes is the usual travel time.

Minibusses are the main public transportation in Montserrat. They have no regular schedules.

Taxis work day and night but aren't metered, so you have to agree on the fare in advance.

Driving is on the left. Country roads have many hairpin bends; therefore, a speed limit of 32 km(h (20 mp/h) is enforced.


The island can not offer any fancy hotel, resort, but villa rentals are available. 

The once luxurious five-star Montserrat Springs Hotel on Richmond Hill is now abandoned, a depressing sight

Public safety


Montserrat - police - c.t. photo



Montserrat - fisher-woman - giant barramundi or what? - c.t. photo


Montserrat - national flag of Montserrat island - In the coat of arms of the flag you see Erin, the divine princess of Ireland (hence the origin of the name EIRE). She holds a harp in her left hand while with her other hand encloses a cross - formerly large population of people were originated from Ireland. - p.p. photo

Destination in brief

Montserrat is a Caribbean island, close to Guadeloupe (south east), St. John's (USVI) (north east) and  Saint Kitts and Nevis (north west).Montserrat is part of the Lesser Antilles chain.

Montserrat is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom. 

Size: 102 km² (39.4 mi²) - a pear-shaped island

Capital city: Brades - newly built as volcanic eruptions almost destroyed the former capital, Plymouth in 1997

Population (in 2020): 4,992 (10,000 in 1995)

Language: English

Religion: 36% Protestant, 20% Pentecostal, 19% Anglican, 11% Catholic

Currency: Eastern Caribbean dollar (XCD)

Average net monthly salary (in 2020):1300 USD


In 1995, the dormant volcano Souffrier Hills erupted. In two years of activity, the lavas wholly burned down the capital, Plymouth, the airport, and the best fertile lands. Of the population of 12,000, six thousand left the island, mainly for the UK.

A village, named Brades was assigned as a new capital. Three streets, five houses. It doesn't look like a capital city.


Theoretically, the southern part of the island is now closed for tourists because of the volcanic hazard. However, some curious catastrophe tourists manage to enter this forbidden area. However, there is an area called the fifth zone that is really very forbidden to enter.

In the southern part of the island, the remained conditions, and the villas' interior clearly indicate how fast the owners, the families had to escape from their beloved home. Everything looks like the time has stopped in the 90s.

Montserrat - Entry beyond this point is strictly prohibited - p.a. photo



Montserrat - men - c.t. photo

Montserrat - a local musical artist - c.t. photo

Monserrat - local lady - c.t. photo


An interesting landmark of Montserrat is the Olveston House, namely the villa of George Martin, who was the producer of the Beatles. He lived on this island and even built a recording studio here, which was destroyed in 1989 by a hurricane. In 2016, Sir Martin passed away at the age of 90.

Montserrat - Olveston House - m.c. photo

Montserrat - Olveston House - b.l. photo

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