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Turks and Caicos - Grand Turk - Historic Post Office - Here they sell stamps and put stamps with state marks - philately for the islands is also a business - k.a. photo

Public safety


Turks and Caicos - Grand Turk - Her Majesty's Prison - k.a. photo


Turks and Caicos - Grand Turk - Parliament building (House of Assembly) and the Prime Minister' office - k.a. photo

Turks and Caicos - national flag - p.p. photo

Destination in brief




Turks and Caicos - donkeys - Once, donkeys were used to carry sea salt, which was collected in drying ponds. By the by the need for donkeys ended. They ,,became wild", and now their self-reproducing population grazes on the islands by itself wherever it gets. - k.a. photo



  1. Grace Bay Beach. One of the longest, most popular beaches on the island, but for a reason. It was named the world’s best beach multiple times, has the crystal clear water and runs along all of the resorts on the island.
  2. Long Bay Beach - this is the one where windsurfers from around the world travel to. The water is roughly 3 feet deep for hundreds of yards into the ocean, and there’s always enough wind there, making it the perfect place for windsurfers. Far out in the sea is an abandoned and rusting container ship, which hit the reef decades ago and has been there ever since. You can take boat excursions out to it and jump off. At the beach, we have seen multiple stingrays.
  3. Sapodilla Bay Beach - located on the other side of the island, this smaller beach has it all, from jet skis to beach chair rentals. It also has the shallow beach and sits right in a cove.
  4. Taylor Bay Beach - known only to a few and farther down than Sapodilla, this beach is my favorite on the island. The water is even more shallow than Long Bay, and just a bit larger than Sapodilla. Because it is tucked away and off the road, there is maybe a maximum of 10 people there every day. It is beautiful. Some local dogs stop by every time we go, which is fantastic. We have spotted crabs, large fish, and turtles while swimming here. (M:C., 2019)

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