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Bahamas - Nassau - r.g. photo






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Public safety

The Bahamas have a bad name when it comes to the crime rate, but it is mainly inside story, gang-related, not aimed at tourists. Just be vigilant. No flashy watches or jewelry when strolling downtown or on the beach. Do not carry too much cash. Don't leave valuables in hotel rooms (apart from a safe) or on the beach. Avoid being harassed by guys on the street selling substances. Women: clothes-wise, nothing so revealing. That speaks for itself. Don't wander around on your own or make yourself an easy target.  Bahamians are passive, friendly people on the whole, but some of their young men are hot-blooded, got in evil ways. 

Bahamas - policewoman

Bahamas - police


Bahamas - Nassau - national flags - r.g.

Destination in brief

The Bahamas is an island state in the North Atlantic and belongs partly to the Caribbean and partly to the West Indies. The Bahamas stretches from areas close to the southeast coast of Florida to the east coast of Cuba. This way, its territory stretches on 800 kilometers.

Size (land area): 13,878 km² (5,358.3 mi²) - The Bahamas consist of 29 larger and 660 smaller islands and 2,300 cliffs and coral reefs.

Population (in 2020): 393,244 -80% Blacks, 10% Whites, 10% Asians

23 of the islands are inhabited. - Two-thirds of the Bahamas population lives on New Providence Island.

Capital city: Nassau (on New Providence island) - The country’s second largest city, Freeport, is located on the Grand Bahamas.

Language: English is the official language

Religions: 96% Christian

Political system: parliamentary constitutional monarchy headed by Queen Elizabeth II in her role as Queen of the Bahamas

Currency: Bahamian dollar (BSD) - You can everywhere pay in USD, dollars, meaning no need to exchange money.

Average net monthly salary (in 2020): 1800 USD

Most common surname: Rolle

Driving is on the left.



Bahamas - Nassau - Christopher Columbus statue in front of the Government House - r.g. photo

Bahamas - Nassau - Pompey square - one-time slave marketplace - r.g. photo


Many places in the Bahamas are poverty-stricken due to the lack of diverse economic opportunities.

Bahamas - Nassau - r.g. photo



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Grand Bahamas

Paradise Island

Bahamas - Paradise Island - Marina

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