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Dominica - street scene - s.a. photo





Dominica - on the road -s.a. photo

Dominica - mountain road - s.v. photo



Dominica - Roseau - The old market benign today with market stalls, but this is where slaves were bought and sold. The French introduced slavery and the British expanded it until it was abolished in the 1830s. - p.j. photo

Public safety

Some locals try to dupe tourists. Give a polite but firm response.

Dominica - police - rank and file - p.j. photo


Locals drink the pipe water, but visitors should prefer to drink bottled water, especially those who have a sensitive stomach.


1. You will need bug repellent.

2. When searching on Dominica search “Commonwealth of Dominica”. The Dominican Republic is properly “Republica Dominicana”. Dominicans are Dominicans, and the people of  the Dominican Republic are Dominicanos.

Dominica - Soufriere - y.v. photo


Dominica - national flag - the bird you see in the middle is the sisserou parrot, that is endemic to Dominica - m.j. photo

Destination in brief

Dominica is a small island in the Lesser Antilles of the Caribbean, between Guadeloupe (north) and Martinique (south), about half of the way from Puerto Rico to Trinidad and Tobago

Size: 750 km² (290 sq mi)-  You can discover the entire island in a day if you have a rental car. 

Population (in 2020): 71,970

Capital city: Roseau - The only town of the island. It has retained many original colonial buildings.

Dominica was a British colony until it gained independence in 1978.

The country is a republic, as, upon independence local people decided to have a president as the head of state, and not the Queen. Dominica is still part of the Commonwealth, and the official name is The Commonwealth of Dominica. This name is used to avoid confusion with the Dominican Republic.

Official language: English - Many locals speak French creole

Religion: 61% Roman Catholic, 18% followers of evangelical churches - about 20–25% of the people do not practice any religion

Currency: East Caribbean Dollar (XCD)

Average net monthly salary (in 2020): 510 USD

Most common surname: Joseph

Dominica have black sand beaches.

June to November is the rainy season, and a chance to experience the excitement of a possible hurricane.
December to May is the dry season, though not without any rain. Optimal timing for a visit would be January - March. A carnival is takes place in February or March (dates vary)

The Walt Disney movie, Dead Man's Chest (Pirates of Caribbean series), starring Johnny Depp, Keira Knightly, and Orlando Bloom, was staged on Dominica in 2006. 


The whole island is made of volcanic rock too. It is home to one of the last natural hot springs in the world.

Dominica - hurricane Maria - September, 2017

Dominica - Fresh water lake

Dominica - bay - s.v. photo


On Sunday, 3 November 1493 Christopher Columbus saw the island from the deck of his ship and promptly named it 'Dominica,' which means 'Sunday' in Latin.

Dominica - That's a yellow school bus - crushed by that tree in 1979, during the devastating Hurricane David. Fortunately no-one was on board it at the time. - p.j. photo


There is practically a two-party system in Dominica.  The Dominica Labor Party(Red) and the United Workers Party(Blue) are the forever competitors. The Labor Party uses to be the winner. No new party could have any chance to join this competition.

Dominica - Roseau - Parliament House - Basically a Westminster system, lower and upper houses, a Prime Minister and a President - p.j. photo

Dominica - The headquarters of the Dominica Labour Party. The party's symbol/logo is a shoe. Their voters are asked to put their X by the shoe. - p.j. photo



Dominica - local women - s.c. photo

Dominica - elder lady - b.s. photo

Dominica - elder man - c.a. photo

Dominica - lionfish all ready to eat - m.j. photo


Dominicans don’t eat too many desserts. The most common pastries are the cinnamon buns and currant rolls. An unsweetened doughnut-like pastry called a “bake” (often with codfish) is a popular snack. 



Dominica - Turtle Pointe in Woodfordhill


Dominica - Roseau - s.v. photo

Dominica - Our Lady of Fair Haven Cathedral - the main Catholic church in Roseau, badly damaged by the hurricane in 2017 and not in use while repairs are - slowly - made, as money allows. - p.j. photo

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