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Curacao - view - g.a. photo

While we were there we fell into conversation with the waitress, who was from Holland. She said that she loved it there, but there was one thing that bothered her: during the past week, it had been 32°C every single day, and it was starting to get boring. It rarely rains, and if it does it hardly ever lasts more than an hour or two, if that. The local food is good, however – apparently the pea soup is a specialty, as is meat wrapped in banana leaves. They also make cactus soup, and they love to eat barbecued barracuda. They even make a kind of stew out of the giant lizards and iguanas that live on the island. After dinner you can enjoy a cheese course, or a sweet dessert of candied hazelnuts.



If possible, avoid using a credit card when making some expensive purchases.



Curacao - Blue Curacao - enjoy responsibly - a.a. photo

Public safety

,, We had our car parked on a busy beach during the day. Unfortunately, we had some of our belongings hidden in the vehicle. We naively thought that our car would be OK with the crowds and the daylight. Sadly,  that was not the case. We learned after that car break-ins are fairly common here.  The rental agent and authorities were incredibly helpful. Do not leave ANYTHING in your car." (December 2020)


Tap water is drinkable.


Curacao - Dutch flag and the one of Curacao - j.j. photo

Destination in brief

Curacao is a constituent country (land in Dutch) of the Netherlands. The island is about 65 km (40 mi) north off the coast of Venezuela.

Size: 444 km²  (171.4 mi²)

Population (in 2020): 161,368 - The citizens of the island are holders of Dutch passport, and are citizens of the European Union

About 75% of the population is Afro-Curaçaoan,people of African descent. The second largest ,,racial" group is colored Curacao- people (Mulatos)

Capital city: Willemstad

Language: Dutch, Papiamentu and English are the official languages- Papiamentu, the local language spoken by just about everyone

Religion:73% Roman Catholic

Currency: Antillean Guilder (ANG) (also called the Florin)

Average net monthly salary (in 2020): 1120 USD

Most common surname: Martina



Curacao - Willemstad - j.r. photo



Curacao - local woman - l.d. photo



Willemstad: It's like visiting a 17th-century walled city (besides that the wall is gone and you're in sweltering Caribbean heat), restored and aimed at catering to loitering cruise ship tourists well-stricken in age. Kind of Disneyland's main street but without the costumes.

Curaçao - Willemstad - s.k. photo

Willemstad - s.k. photo

Willemstad - s.k. photo

Willemstad - s.k. photo


The best beaches are partly in the north: Playa Lagun , Klein Knip , Kanepa Grandi beach -these are free.

Curacao - Playa Lagun - a.t. photo

Curacao - Klein Klip Beach - r.m. photo

Curacao - Kenepa Grandi

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