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Leipzig - Market Square (Markt) - m.l. photo





Leipzig - Cafe Riquet in summer - l.m. photo

Public safety


Leipzig - police vans - s.k. photo



Leipzig - remarkable atrium - f.z. photo


Destination in brief

Population (in 2020): 591,000

Average net monthly salary (in 2020): 1700 Euro - (Germany average: 2370 Euro)


The climate can be cool in winter - with the occasional really cold snap with snow - but summers are generally quite warm.

Leipzig gets more sunshine than most of the German cities.


Angela Merkel attended Karl Marx University in Leipzig in the GDR-times. She was very active in the social life among the students.

In 1989, protests began in Leipzig (at Nikolaikirche) that led to the fall of the East German communist regime.


Thanks to some great universities, Leipzig has a rising tech business scene that helps give the city an edge. Its region is even nicknamed ‘Silicon Saxony.’
Many motor-car manufacturers and Leipzig’s central location make it highly desirable for logistics (so Amazon, DHL, and other large companies are based here).

The federal government indeed poured a lot of money into the city's development project since the German unification, but now the private capital investments prevail. The restoration of the Old Town goes dominantly by private capital.  

The name of Leipzig is often associated with a significant, traditional, annual international trade fair.

The population is continuously growing (and not by foreign immigrants). Demographics are also favorable: more people are now being born than they are dying. Many German students choose Leipzig because rents are relatively low compared to many other cities.

Leipzig - Peterstrasse - m.l. photo


There is a saying in East Germany: people are working in Chemnitz, trading in Leipzig, and having fun in Dresden.
Middle-class people in Dresden traditionally look down on the pleb" people of Leipzig.



Leipzig - New Town Hall - Neues Rathaus - m.l. photo

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