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Berlin - Brandenburg Gate by night - v.j. photo

“They say that these days, Berlin plays almost the same role that Paris used to: this is Europe’s cultural capital city, the center of contemporary arts, and the meeting place for free-spirited young people. And this city really is inspiring, drawing you in:

After a few days, I felt as though it wouldn’t be hard to become ein Berliner (sorry, eine Berlinerin). It quickly became clear, however, that this isn’t just a mix of orderly, pleasant, livable suburbs around a hipster-occupied center – Berlin also has plenty of that element which characterizes most big cities: chaos. As one resident remarked, this isn’t a city you move to to get rich. People move here for the vibe, the special quality that life here possesses.

What makes Berlin truly unique is the fact that behind the sexy, modern city, the past is always present. Here stand the remnants of the wall which divided two worlds from one another, and which is now the basis of a whole tourist industry. You can buy pieces of it, ranging in price from a few euros to hundreds or even thousands of euros. The famous wall art and graffiti, meanwhile, now adorn mugs, postcards and t-shirts.

Wherever we go in this city, we find ourselves face-to-face with monuments and street details which we’ve seen before, in black-and-white documentary footage. (2018)



“I didn’t encounter inspectors often, but they mercilessly punish anyone who makes the slightest mistake. There is no escape! The penalty is 60 euros, so it's better not to mess around. This is the ‘welcome’ for almost everyone who comes to Berlin. Without exception, all my friends (including me) have already paid this amount. It is impossible to spot the inspectors because they can be anyone from the young guy in the heavy metal T-shirt to the gentleman in a suit.

However, those with a full-price monthly pass can bring one person with them in the evenings and on weekends! That’s worth noting.”

Berlin - U-Bahn

Berlin - tram

Berlin - U-Bahn - Alexanderplatz station - v.j. photo

Berlin - S-Bahn -Ata photo

Berlin - This is how Berlin electric buses look from above. - m.m. fotója

Berlin - Trabant Limo - t.w. photo



Berlin - Melia Hotel Berlin - entrance - l.z. photo



Berlin - On the bank of the Spree a restaurant&bar named Permanent Representation of the Independent Republic of Berlin (Ständige Vertretung Berlin) - Ata photo

Berlin - mobile band - v.j. photo

Berlin - graffiti by Anarchists says: Rich parents for everyone - g.l. photo

Public safety

“Berlin is big, so it’s full of all kinds of people. There is a lot of theft, so always keep an eye on your valuables. Try not to fall asleep on the subway at dawn after a party or leave your bag unattended.
At the metro stops in the central party district, be prepared to be accosted by African immigrants when you get off, offering to sell you everything you can think of. But mostly they sell drugs – anything and everything from light to hard. Grass? Hashish? Coke? These are the average questions that everyone is asked in at least 4 languages.”

Berlin - Falcon in protective custody



Berlin - wall - k.l. photo


Berlin - street scene

Destination in brief

Berlin is the capital city of Germany. Berlin is in northeastern Germany.

Population (in 2020): 3.5 million

Average net monthly salary (in 2020): 2500 Euro

There are more bridges in Berlin (about 1700) than in Venice.


30% of the city is green space - what an eyesore. The soil is notoriously sandy - this was disappointing to some fellow who wanted to turn the place into a monumental city. The engineers had to say, “sorry, Dolfo, the soil won’t support it.” The concrete test pylons are still there; you can almost watch them sink."

Berlin - Alexanderplatz - The World Clock - v.j. photo



Berlin - summer - v.j. photo



Berlin - a communist fraternal kiss of Leonid Brezhnev and Erich Honecker (reproducing a photograph taken in 1979)



Berlin - new - v.j. photo

Berlin - Potzdamer Platz - PWC office building - K Elter photo

Berlin - Bahntower - K Elter photo



Berlin - a hard night's day - v.j. photo



Berlin - The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church (a Protestant church) - v.j. photo

Berlin - The Rotes Rathaus, the town hall of Berlin with the TV Tower -v.j. photo

Berlin - Cathedral - a caption says: Hatred damages the soul - v.j. photo

Humboldt Forum, the rebuilt Prussian Royal Palace

Berlin - Humboldt Forum, the rebuilt Prussian Royal Palace - Ata photo

Berlin - Humboldt Forum - Ata photo

Berlin - Humboldt Forum - Ata photo

Berlin - Humboldt Forum - Ata photo

Berlin - Humboldt Forum - Ata photo

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