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Cologne - Cathedral - Krista photo

“Altogether I spent two full days in Cologne. Of course, I can’t give any kind of in-depth opinion on this basis, but my superficial impression was that the city is only worth visiting for its breathtaking cathedral. The internal dimensions of this cathedral, together with the dramatic composition of its central nave and two transepts, as well as the spectacular stained glass, captivated us. The high point (in more ways than one!) was the climb to the top of the tower. You’ll need to be in decent shape, but it was easier than I expected.

Apart from the cathedral (and the Aerosmith concert) the rest of Cologne was a bit of a disappointment. It isn’t a beautiful city, of course – this is a consequence of its destruction in World War Two. It was great to climb to the top of the cathedral, but there was nothing so spectacular about the view from the top. The fact is, Cologne doesn’t seem to have any very distinctive character, but what disappointed us more than this was the litter and disorder. And no, we can’t lay this at the door of some migrant horde, because the fact is we hardly saw any migrants. The small old town has its charms, of course, but it’s nothing special. It’s also strange how banal and characterless the square in front of the main train station is, except of course for that sumptuous cathedral in the background. Also, the cathedral is covered in the accumulated soot of countless decades; I wonder whether the decision to leave it this grim and rather foreboding color is a deliberate one, or simply neglect? (me, 2017)




Cologne - Central Station by night - f.w. photo

Cologne - A4 - e.j. photo



Cologne - restaurant - Kr



Cologne- Original Eau de Cologne shop - Krista photo



Cologne - Einstein - E=mc2 - very light beer has tremendous energy?



Cologne - sexual orientation PC wedding figures - Krista photo

Cologne - street art - f.b. photo

Cologne - street art - f.b. photo

Cologne - street art - f.b. photo


Cologne - Hohenzollern bridge - the right photo shooting angle - Krista photo

Destination in brief

Cologne is in North Rhine-Westphaliaone of the federal states of Germany.  

Cologne in German is Köln. The locals use the nickname: Kölle.

The city is divided by the Rhine river. On the left side of the river lies the historic center, so many locals consider this to be the real Cologne.There are few tourist attractions on the right side of the river.

Population (in 2020): 1,1 million- Cologne is the 4th largest German city. One-third of the population of Cologne is not born-German.

In 13 of Cologne’s 86 districts, old and new immigrants are in the majority. In the Finkenberg district, their share is 89.7%. It is not a coincidence that the lowest ratio of this type is in the Langel district (12.3%), as there are no large residential houses there, only family houses. Among the immigrants, there are many Eastern Europeans (mainly Poles) and ethnic Germans from the former Soviet Union.

Average net monthly salary (in 2020): 2250 Euro -  (Munich's average: 2800 Euro)

The Cologne Cathedral - a UNESCO World Heritage site - is the top tourist attraction of the city.



Cologne - summer - d.k. photo



Cologne - Ruins of St. Alban Church - c.w. photo

Cologne - Central station - Main Hall - Built in 1859, remodeled in 1892, destroyed in 1944, rebuilt in 1957 - b.f. photo



Cologne - modern - g.v. photo


Cologne Cathedral

Cologne - Cathedral - Krista photo

Cologne Cathedral - Krista photo

Cologne - Cathedral - Krista photo

Old Town

Cologne - Old Town - Krista photo

Cologne - Old Town - Salzgasse - k.d. photo

Cologne - Old Town - k.d. photo

Cologne - Old Town - k.d. photo

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