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Dresden - Zwinger - a.m. photo

Dresden - j.k. photo

We buy two Day Cards and travel to Pirnaischer Platz, where we visit the Frauenkirche and the Neumarkt with its horse coaches. A kiosk sells funny cartoons/poems on cards, for many professions.
We visit the Festung near the Elbe, with seven bastions named after the planets.
Near the Zwinger Palast, we take a salad lunch: an elder man at a white grand piano plays Yesterday and I did it my way.
Galerie Alte Meister has many Cranach d.Ä., Dürer, Rembrandt, Hals, plaster statues à la Michelangelo and ... Rafaels Maria. We pass the 30 m tiles tableau Fürstenzug: 1000 years of Saxon rulers on horses, many Friedrichs. Tram 9 and our Day Cards bring us to the northwest, and back to the Elbe.
Our first Biergarten is in the south, the second north of the Augustusbrücke where we dine with saljanka, coated potato and smintana. Music: a wind chapel at the Festung (opera); the singing lady (Moscow nights) and two guitar/sax boys (Life of Brian and Hungarian Dance).
Back with tram 9 and bus 62, and the last lassi at our Punjab restaurant. (e. h.)




Dresden - tram - j.k. photo

Dresden - cycle rickshaw - w.a. photo



Dresden - Steigenberger Hotel de Saxe on Neumarkt - j..k. photo



Dresden - Saxon food - t.m. photo

Dresden - street food - mostly sausage (Bratwurst) - j.k. photo


Dresden - Old Town - s.t. photo

Destination in brief

Dresden is the largest city in Saxony ( ,, Saxon Switzerland" ) located in Germany's central-eastern part, close to the Czech border.  

Dresden is also known as the "Florence of the Elbe" because of its Baroque architectural heritage and temperate climate.

Population (in 2020): 487,000 in the city area, and 577,000 in the urban area

Average net monthly salary (in 2020): 2400 Euro - (Germany average: 2300 Euro)



Dresden - Fürstenzug, a long mural made of porcelain tiles - shows Saxon rulers throughout the ages- m.n. photo

Dresden - Martin Luther Statue on Neumarkt - j.k. photo



Dresden - Altmarkt - c.l. photo



Dresden - Zwinger - s.o. photo

Dresden - Zwinger - k.e. photo

Dresden Cathedral (Katholische Hofkirche)

Dresden - Cathedral - s.t. photo

Dresden - Cathedral - j.k. photo

Old Town

Dresden - Old Town - s.t. photo

Old Masters Picture Gallery (Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister)

Dresden - Old Masters Picture Galerie - p.s. photo

The Green Vault Treasury





Pilnitz Castle

SchwebebahnStandseilbahn Dresden

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