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Isla Mujeres - perfect sand - k.a. photo

I imagined the island to be different. I was expecting it to be more romantic. In comparison, the island is overbuilt, with surprisingly high street traffic and a disturbingly large crowd. The two main beaches did not disappoint as they are indeed more beautiful than the beaches of Cancún. (aji, 2021)



The simplest way to get to the island is the ferry, which departs from the ferry port Puerto Juarez in Cancún.

Ultramar Ferry Fare in 2021: 360 peso return ticket

Although there are some more cars on Isla Mujeres than Isla Holbox, the preferred means of transport for tourists to explore the island is the golf cart. Alternatively, you can rent a scooter or even a bike if you feel like doing some sport.

Golf cart

Renting a golf cart is very easy. With various providers, there is a fairly wide choice of them. Don't forget that you have to present a driver's license. The rent for a whole day is about 800 MXN (about 40 USD), fuel included. Driving a golf cart is simple.

When the rental shop show you a golf cart, control the condition of the vehicle. Don't necessarily accept the first one the rental guys offer to you.

Isla Mujeres - Puerto Juarez ferry terminal on the Cancúun side - Krista's s photo (January 2021)

Isla Mujeres - Ultramar fast ferry terminal on the Cancún side - Krista's photo

Isla Mujeres - Ultramar ferry terminal on the island's side - Krista photo

Isla Mujeres - rental golf carts - Krista photo

Isla Mujeres - Ultramar ferry boat - Krista photo

Isla Mujeres - all taxis are red - Krista photo



Isla Mujeres - Mexican meal - k. a. photo

Isla Mujeres - Centro - street food - Krista photo

Isla Mujeres - Punta Sur - cafe terrace with great view - Krista photo


The heart of tourism on Isla Mujeres is Avenida Miguel Hidalgo. There are plenty of souvenir shops next to restaurants and bars.

Isla Mujeres - souvenir kiosks - Krista photo

Isla Mujeres - souvenir shop - Krista photo

Isla Mujeres - Playa Norte - beach vendor - Krista photo



Isla Mujeres - ferry travel - singer in mask entertains the passangers - Krista photo (January 2021)

Isla Mujeres - taking photo concentrated on the bottom of his partner - Krista photo

Isla Mujeres - Jax bar - Krista photo

Isla Mujeres - inevitable pose on a reclining palm tree - Krista photo



Isla Mujeres - street scene in January 2021 - about 30% of people wore no mask - Krista photo

Isla Mujeres - Playa Centro - Our sand is not an ashtray. - Krista photo

Isla Mujeres - waiting for the ferry departure on the Cancún side - no social distancing - Krista photo (January 2021)



Isla Mujeres - villa with mural - Krista photo

Isla Mujeres - Casa Feliz - Happy House - Krista photo

Isla Mujeres - a secluded rocky beach - Krista photo


Isla Mujeres - some distance away the Hotel Zone of Cancún - Krista

Destination in brief

The small island is about 13 km (8 mi) from Cancún. Isla Mujeres, (Island of Women) got its name from the carved statues of women found on the island and used in the worship of goddess Ixchel.

Size: 4.22 km²  (1.629 mi²) -  Length: 7 km (4.3 mi), width: 0.65 km (0.404 mi)

Population (in 2021): 18,300 - Most of the locals make a living by tourism and fishing.

The high season of tourism is from December to April.



Isla Mujeres - most of the coastlines are too rough for swimming - Krista photo


As early as 550 BC, a sanctuary for the fertility and moon goddess, Ix Chel, was built on the island by the Maya. The island was a place of pilgrimage for the Maya.

The Spanish colonialist gave the name "Isla Mujeres" which means "Island of women."



Isla Mujeres - Palacio Municipal (city hall) - Krista photo

Isla Mujeres - street close to Centro - Krista photo

Isla Mujeres - Centro - Krista photo



Isla Mujeres - visitor - Krista photo


Dolphin&Whale watching

Between June and September, the whale sharks come to Isla Mujeres to enjoy the plankton-rich waters.

We recommend that you research the tour operator on the internet beforehand and choose one who treats the whale sharks respectfully, i.e., only a few people are allowed into the water at a time, and the animals' wellbeing is paramount.

Playa Norte beach

Playa Norte is located in the north of the island.

This one is the most popular beach on Isla Mujeres, and it is which most of the tourists frequent. There are some shady spots under palm trees, beach restaurants, and even four-poster beach beds for rent. But be prepared for a high level of noise, because there is a lot of celebration at Playa Norte with loud music from midday onwards.

Isla Mujeres - Playa Norte - Krista photo

Isla Mujeres - Playa Norte - narrow space for walking - Krista photo

Isla Mujeres - Playa Norte - Krista photo

Playa Centro beach

Playa Centro is usually less crowded than Playa Norte. If you are ready to arrive here before 9 am, you may have practically the whole beach to yourself.

Isla Mujeres - Playa Centro - Krista photo

Isla Mujeres - Playa Centro - Krista photo

Isla Mujeres - Playa Centro - Krista photo

Isla Mujeres - Playa Norte - US chics - Krista photo

Isla Mujeres - Playa Centro - Krista photo

Royal Garrafon Park

Isla Mujeres - viewpoint at Royal Garrafon Park - Krista photo

Isla Mujeres - Royal Garrafon Park - Krista photo

Isla Mujeres - Royal Garrafon Park - Krista photo

Punta Sur

Isla Mujeres - Punta Sur, the southern tip of the island with a big iguana sculpture - Krista photo

Isla Mujeres - Punta Sur -entrance - Krista photo

Isla Mujeres - Punta Sur - statue of goddess Ixchel - Krista photo

Ixchel Mayan Sanctuary

Isla Mujeres - Punta Sur - Ixchel Mayan Sanctuary - Krista photo


Isla Mujeres - chapel - Krista photo

Sea Shell House

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