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Puebla - Passage - Krista photo

Puebla is a scenic mountains town just 2 hours east of Mexico City. It is as quaint, as it is charming, featuring beautiful colonial architecture and modern designs. The food in Puebla makes it a destination in its own right as gorging yourself on tacos Arabes and mole poblano will make anyone happy.

Puebla has a lived in feel that isn’t matched by anywhere else I’ve been in Mexico. The streets are packed with locals and the tourists, for the most part, are Mexicans visiting from other parts of the country. There aren’t tourist agencies on every corner and you’re left discovering things on your own — something that can be a very joyous way to travel.

It’s picture-perfect: a colonial city full of colorful street markets and backed by snow-capped volcanoes that’s hard to resist. On top of that, Puebla has a ton of history, culture, beautiful architecture, and some delicious, unique food. It’s even a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Almost all visitors to Puebla will be coming from Mexico City. This was actually the first destination on our trip. We landed at the Mexico City Airport and came straight to Puebla. From Mexico City Airport, there is a bus station literally next door to the main terminal. We walked outside of the airport and the bus station was right there. There are numerous bus companies here and there are frequent trips to Puebla.

We went with ADO which I’ve taken before in the Yucatan while visiting Cozumel, Tulum, etc and I very much enjoyed it. The bus runs hourly and costs 200-400 pesos one way depending on the time of the day. The bus ride is just over two hours and drops you off at the Puebla CAPU station. Alternatively, you can also take an Uber from the airport for roughly 1,000 pesos. If you are 3-4 people, this could be a no brainer as it is faster and more convenient. I was originally planning on doing this until I realized how close the bus station was. Make sure to tip the Uber driver some cash for going so far out of his way!

From Mexico City itself, there are very frequent buses from TAPO to Puebla CAPU. You don’t need to buy any tickets ahead of time. Simply rock up and choose the bus company of your choice and you will be on the next bus out!




Puebla - Metrobus - Krista photo



Puebla - a boutique hotel (Real Santander) - Krista photo


Be careful about eating street food as your body has different types of germs, and you may risk indigestion.

Puebla - the very popular Puebla La Churreria (calle 2 sur, Av 5 Ote y, Centro) - churros - Krista photo

Puebla - mole poblano - brown sauce served over meat

Puebla - Flavors Market (Mercado De Sabores) - low quality - forget it - Krista photo



Puebla - Artist District - shopping - cultic skull faces - Krista photo

Puebla - Artist District - Krista photo

Puebla - Artist District - Krista photo

Puebla - Barrio de los Sapos (or Callejón de los Sapos), a popular and touristy neighbourhood - Krista photo

Puebla - Calle 5 de Mayo, the main shopping street with Banyan trees - Krista photo

Public safety

By Mexican standards, Puebla is a fairly friendly city for tourists. Even late in the evening, it’s safe to walk the streets. Of course, if you’ve got yourself blind drunk and you’re stumbling about in dark
alleyways, then you’re still asking for trouble, but if you keep your wits about you and show a modicum of common sense, then there’s no reason for alarm. It’s a clean, orderly city, and criminals
generally feel uncomfortable in such places. As elsewhere, though, it’s a bad idea to walk about with expensive jewelry or technology on display.
The country’s gang wars are not a danger to tourists, as these rival groups only target one another. Still, it wouldn’t be wise to wander in the city’s suburbs after dark.

Allegedly, Puebla is safe because the families of many drug cartel members live here, so there is a “truce” among the cartels for that city.

Puebla - armed to the teeth - j.k. photo


Tap water is not drinkable.

Try to avoid eating street food, as you are likely not used to its ingredients. Most foreign visitors get sick from eating than from any other cause.



Puebla - p.a. photo


Puebla - Krista photo

Destination in brief

Puebla city is in east-central Mexico, about 110 km (68 miles) south-east of Mexico City. Puebla city is capital of a state of the same name.

Population (in 2020): 1.4 million in the city area, 3.2 million in the Urban area (agglomeration included) - Puebla is the fourth-largest city in Mexico.

Average net monthly salary (in 2020): 400 USD (Mexico's average is 470 USD)


The elevation of the Puebla de Zaragoza, capital of the state of Puebla is 2,136 m (7,008 ft).



Puebla - The 18th-century Biblioteca Palafoxiana - the oldest public library in the Americas - Krista photo



Puebla - locals - Krista photo

Puebla - a street in the city center - Krista photo



Puebla - locals - p.m. photo

Puebla - shoeshiner and his client - Krista photo

Puebla - Zocalo - Kista photo



Puebla - Chiles en nogada (poblano chiles stuffed with picadillo) topped with a walnut-based cream sauce, called nogada, and pomegranate seeds


Artist District

Puebla - Arts District (Barrio del Artista) - Krista photo

Puebla - Arts District - Krista photo

Puebla - Artist District - Krista photo

Puebla - Artist District - Krista photo


Puebla - Cathedral (Catedral de Puebla) - Krista photo

Puebla - Cathedral by night - Krista photo

Barrio de Los Sapos

Puebla - Barrio de los Sapos - Krista photo

Old Town

Puebla - Old Town - Krista photo

Puebla - Old Town - Krista photo

Puebla - Old Town - Krista photo

Puebla - Old Town - Krista photo

Paseo Bravo

Puebla - Paseo Bravo - Krista photo

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