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Vis Island - Komiza - marina - Ata photo

“We got on the ferry and headed for the island of Vis. Here you have to reckon on a more substantial travel time: the trip takes more than two hours, which the ferry makes three to four times a day; the price of the ticket is 54/45 Kn. The Stiniva Beach we chose was quite far from us, so after the mooring, we looked for a transfer, the price of which is not fixed, by which I mean you have to ask a lot of questions and make inquiries in order to pay as little as possible to the drivers. Just a tip: there are several shops and supermarkets around the port, so buy drinks and snacks there, and not on the much more expensive beach. By the way, you can also use a water taxi if you don't want to approach some of Europe's best beaches from the landside. After a short 20–30-minute journey, the car stops at the point closest to the beach, from where you will only get down with God's help. Only use normal shoes on the chamois and rocky path – forget flip-flops! Also, don't attempt this with children. After 45 minutes and a few near-death experiences, we arrived at the beach, which is simply beautiful. Stiniva Beach has only a small bar and – considering the beauty of the place - very few tourists. Don't miss it under any circumstances, set aside a day, and don't forget your Crocs for going in the sea!” (2019)



,, We had a great dinner in the evening at Val, one of the best restaurants in the Old Town of Vis. Of course, the Dalmatian national dish, the delicacy of famous holidays, the Pasticada, was on the menu, traditionally with hand-chopped fresh gnocchi 🙂.
The smooth beef almost floated in the spicy sauce. Fresh bread was served with the meal. (Ata, 2021)

Vis Island - Vis Town - Val restaurant - pasticada - Ata photo

Vis Island - Vis Town - Val Restaurant - Ata photo

Vis Island - Pekara Kolgjeraj - fresh bread of that bakery - Ata photo

Vis Island - Komiza - Restaurant & Wine Bar&Cafe Hum - Ata photo



Vis Island - Vis Town by night - Ata photo



Vis Island - Komiza - shingle beach - Ata photo

Vis Island - Komiza - beach - Ata photo



Vis Town (Grad Vis)

The capital of the island of Vis of the same name is entirely different from Komiza. Vis Town (Grad Vis) lies in a sheltered, U-shaped bay along a long coastline. The old part of the city, Kut, and Vis, built by the Venetians, consists of two parts where the ships also dock. This area is full of big, rich trading houses. Between the two is a fortress built by the Austrians in the middle of the bay,  built in the oldest part with even stronger defensive walls. It is an important port for yachts sailing on the Adriatic. In the evening, the whole port is full of boats, coastal bars with wealthy tourists.

Vis Island - Vis Town - Ata photo

Vis Island - Vis Town - Ata photo

Vis Island - Vis Town - waterfront - Ata photo

Vis Island - Vis Town - pier - Ata photo

Vis Island - Vis Town - cafe terrace at the bay - Ata photo

Vis Island - Vis Town - fortress - Ata photo


Vis Island - Komiza - waterfront houses - Ata photo

Vis Island - Komiza - Old Town's port - fortress with the clock tower - Ata photo

Vis Island - Komiza - Ata photo

Vis Island - Komiza - bay - Ata photo

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