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On Ciovo, we lived in Mastrinka because I found a suitable apartment there at a reasonable price. However, we didn't like the beaches in Mastrinka because there is a road directly behind the beach with quite a lot of passing traffic. So we went to the beach in Slatinera on the island's east side, which is approx. 10 minutes by car. The beach there, at least if you go along the Slatine coast, enchanted us with its fantastic view and crystal clear water. (2022)


"We were in Arbanija, and it was perfect. The small boat left for Trogir from the small harbor in front of the apartment, so there was no need to worry about parking. There are many small, untouched, shady bays where swimming is perfect, and if someone is looking for a more active place, the other side of the island is not far away."

The peninsula is nothing special. Crowded. There are many more beautiful islands: Krk, Cres, Losinj in Kvarner, Hvar, Pelješac, Korčula in Dalmatia."


That place didn't work for us! The accommodation was on Split's side; we went to the other side to swim! Crowds, driving, and parking are terrible! There are decent restaurants only in Trogir! Unfortunately, the air is very smoggy due to the nearby airport! Trogír is a miracle, but that's all.


"We were there in 2021; we liked it. Our accommodation was in Okrug Gornji, but not on the Trogir side. Such a fantastic view, I've never seen it before.
We drove everywhere, starting from the accommodation. It was worth it.
We also bathed on the Split side. My son enjoyed watching the take-offs and the landings of planes.


We were last year, on the side facing Trogir. We went to the beach by boat and found a terrible crowd.
We preferred the boat trips, instead of visiting the beach.
Trogir itself is beautiful. The accommodation was on the beach; one part of the balcony looked at the mountain, and the other part looked at the sea.. (2022)


We have vacationed in Okrug Gornji about ten times. The palm trees grew together with our daughters. A lively, busy beach. Full of restaurants and bars. It is worth taking a small boat to Trogir. Although there is a new bridge, it is easier to get to the island.


Okrug Gornji is a pleasant place, but be prepared; it is pretty hilly. There's a lot of uphill.



, We had waterfront accommodation in Okrug Gornji, but waterfront means something different here than, say, in Brela, a road runs along the coast, which is quite confusing. You can only go to the public beach; most apartments do not have their quiet part of the beach.

The view is much more excellent further south, and we missed the mountains behind us.

On previous vacations (Omis-Duce, Pisak, Lokva-Rogoznica, Mimice, and most of the Brela, Jardula, and Stomarica neighborhoods), we always came over to the old town in the evenings to Trogir, which is beautiful, so we thought we'd try here as well with accommodation and a beach vacation. But, unfortunately, that didn't come in.


It is advisable to look for beachside accommodation because it is difficult to get to hillside accommodation at an angle of up to 40 degrees.

In each of the places listed above, we found apartments that were much more perfect in every respect, at a similar price, with their bays. But, of course, we always booked directly from the owner on Dalmatian accommodation search sites."


Slatine is a small settlement in Ciovo. Quiet place with a few restaurants. If you want action, there is the boat to Trogir or Split.


Destination in brief

Čiovo peninsula is 30 square kilometers in size. Its approximately 6,000 inhabitants live in the towns of Okrug Gornji, Okrug Donji, Mastrinka, Arbanija, Slatine, and Zedno.

The peninsula is approximately 15.3 km long and 3.5 km wide. There are many pine forests and olive groves in Ciovo.

With 2,600 hours of sunshine a year and fertile soil, the island of Ciovo is very green. Even the island's highest peak (220 meters), "Rudine," is overgrown by vegetation. In addition to dense forests, Mediterranean plant species such as olive trees, figs, and vineyards can also be found here. The island is best known for its many medicinal plants.

A decisive advantage of the Čiovo peninsula is its proximity to the beautiful city of Trogir.


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