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Sibenik Riviera - Primosten - hearty soup in a jar - r.g. photo

Primosten - Riva Žrtava Dvanjke (restaurant street) - n.d. photo


The largest disco in Dalmatia is Aurora, which is located 2 km from the Old Town of Primosten.

Primosten by night - r.g. photo

Primosten - caffe bar Tiffany - drinks - price list - 1 kuna= 0,13 EUR - n.d. photo (2021)

Primosten - cocktails - n.d. photo (2021)


Primosten - beach - n.d. photo

Destination in brief




Brodarica - s.t. photo

Brodarica - pebbled beach - s.t. photo

Brodarica - beach - s.t. photo


Primosten (Primošten)

Renting two sun loungers and a parasol on the beach costs € 13 per day.

Primosten - beach - n.d. photo

Primosten - beach - pebbles - n.d. photo

Primosten - Rudina B.J Arnerica (square) -n.d. photo

Primosten - m.i. photo

Sibenik Riviera - Primosten - i.m. photo

Primosten from above - j.g. photo


Sibenik Riviera - Rogoznica - k.a. photo


Sibenik Riviera - Sibenik - f.s. photo


Sibenik Riviera - Tribunj - beach - f.s. photo

Sibenik Riviera - Tribunj - rocky beach - f.s. photo

Sibenik Riviera - Tribunj - small beach - f.s. photo

Sibenik Riviera - Tribunj - beach - f.s. photo


The picturesque holiday town of Vodice has a population of approx. 9,000. The Dalmatian town is located between Sibenik and Biograd na Moru.

The lively center of Vodice consists of a nearly 4 km long promenade and the Old Town. The old town is pretty, romantic with small streets, while the promenade is busy, full of shops, cafes, restaurants. In the high season, the tourist crowd is a bit stressful.

The main beach in Vodice is the pebbled Plava Plaza, where the seawater is crystal clear. Other well-known beaches include the beach at Hotel Imperial, another one at Hotel Olympia Beach, and Srima Beach.

In terms of parties, active holidays, Vodice is a great place. Vodice is therefore mainly a good choice for young people, youngish middle-aged people.

"We were vacationing in Vodice, precisely in the Srima area. Vodice is a bustling town with a charming old town. The restaurants, bars, cafes are cozy, beautiful; the service is impeccable; the food, coffee, and ice cream are super delicious! Srima is quieter, calmer, homely, with plenty of cafes, restaurants, boutiques. The coast is pleasant; it is great to listen to the pleasing sounds of the waves. There are cicadas, an interesting experience. (2021)"  


"Vodice is basically a nice place. The small, ancient streets of the city center are super cozy. There are party bars on the beach. "(2019)

Sibenik Riviera - Vodice - on the bike - f.s. photo

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