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Korcula - r.g. photo

Korcula - defending walls - r.g. photo

We were looking for a beautiful but quieter island, further from the shore, so we decided to take a ferry from Split to Korčula. It turned out to be a long and expensive vacation, so overall I’d say it isn’t worth going so far.

•    Beautiful bays with a lot of green vegetation
•    There were never big crowds on the beaches (we avoided the family-friendly, sandy beaches, and looked for rocky or pebble beaches instead)
•    I’d recommend taking the boat trip across to the beautiful island of Proizd (several boats depart every day, and it’s a short trip)

•    It doesn’t have the same tourist infrastructure as other coastal areas and islands. There aren’t many ferry lines, so while for example there are a million ferry crossings between Split and Vis every day, allowing people to go across for a hike or a visit, while Vis is visible from Korčula, the only boat only goes on prior appointment, and only if a certain number of people (15?) sign up. In any case, it didn’t work out for us.
•    If you haven’t booked accommodation in advance, it’s almost impossible to find it when you arrive. This island doesn’t work the same as other islands, where someone rents out a room or a nearby house, and it’s easy to get information from the owner. In fact, there are generally very few apartments to rent, which surprised us.
•    The island isn’t good for cycling – unless you like mountain biking. The usual coastal route doesn’t exist on Korčula, and we couldn’t find a bike path, so unfortunately the bikes we brought were useless. Next time we take them somewhere we’ll do a little research on the local gradient first.
In short: Korcula is a very beautiful, virtually untouched and remote island which takes a long time to reach. For that reason there are few tourists, but this also means that certain services which are usual elsewhere don’t exist here…
(Barbie, 2020)




Korcula - sheduled ship - i.m. photo

Korcula - Dubrovnik to Korcula - two hours ferry travel - w.n. photo



Korcula - walnut strudel with honey, a specialty of the island - Ata photo



Korcula - t.e. photo

Korcula - Korcula Town - a wine and tapas bar - Ata photo

Korcula - Korcula Town - romantic wine bar - Ata photo

Public safety


Korcula - ferry port - police car - Ata photo



Korcula - i.m. photo

Korcula - r.g. photo


Korcula - view - r.g. photo

Destination in brief

Korcula is an island in South Dalmatia (Croatia), near Dubrovnik.

Size: 279 km² (107.7 mi²) - 29,1 km long and 7,8 km wide

Population (in 2020): 16,200

Lumbarda is the only sandy beach of the island.

According to some sources, Marco Polo (the famous world traveler of the 13th century) was born on this island.



Korcula - Korcula Town - cypress trees - Ata photo



Korcula - Vela Luka - locals - Ata photo


 Korcula Town (Grad Korcula)

Korcula - defensive walls - r.g. photo

Korcula - c.a. photo

Korcula - Old Town from above - w.n. photo

Korcula - Korcula Town - Ata photo

Korcula - Korcula Town - Ata photo

Korcula - Korcula Town - Marco Polo Birth House - Ata photo


Korcula - Korcula Town (Grad Korcula) - Ata photo

Korcula - Korcula Town - Ata photo

Korcula - Korcula Town - Ata photo

Korcula - Korcula Town - waterfront - Ata photo


Korcula - Korcula Town - St Mark's Square - St Mark's Cathedral with the the bell tower - Ata photo

Vela Luka

Korcula - Vela Luka - a bird's-eye view - Ata photo

Korcula - Vela Luka - wide bay - Ata photo

Korcula - Vela Luka - Ata photo

Korcula - Vela Luka - Ata photo

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