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Makarska - To leave no stone turned - n.a. photo

“Makarska is definitely a busy, bustling place, but that didn’t bother us – the sound insulation in the house was excellent, so we slept fine. Cute little squirrels live on the beach. It sometimes felt a bit chilly in the shade, so we often went to sunbathe on the rocks.

Since we didn’t go there by car, we didn’t see the other sections of the beach. The water shelves off quickly, and the bottom is all big pebbles, so we didn’t spot any fish in the sea (and we missed that a bit).

The market is downtown, next to the church, and the prices are more or less the same as in the shops, but I’m sure it's better-quality stuff. The grapes, tomatoes, and peaches were delicious, though the melons weren’t great. A sweet lady at the market: I needed purple onions for my salad, and I waited as the stallholder chatted in Croatian to a local villager. I picked up an onion and asked how much it was, but she just waved and said I could have it – a souvenir. Makarska Beach Bazaar has rip-off prices and is full of fake designer bags and clothes. Anything genuinely hand-made is too expensive. On the other hand, there are some attractive paintings and pieces of shell jewelry.

Activities: Everything the eye or taste buds could desire is available, so if you have deep pockets you won’t be bored. We took a cruise on a boat called Calypso. It was worth it – it took us to Jelsa, which is a very attractive little town, though I must say it was a good idea not to book our accommodation in Bol, which was the only real disappointment of the trip. Huge crowds, a beach made up exclusively of big, uncomfortable pebbles, almost no shade – and what little there was had been occupied – and ice-cold seas. The trip was otherwise a success, though – we ate seafood (my husband had chicken instead) which was very well prepared, and the ice-cream by the harbor in Bol was delicious. I didn’t feel seasick at all – the sea was smooth as a plate, and on the way back we got in some dancing. There was a great atmosphere, and fun music (and no, I didn’t drink any rakia).




Makarska Riviera - Baska Voda - parking - n.l. photo


In the Makarska Riviera, most of the higher quality accommodations are in Brela.

When choosing accommodation, you better search for specific information about the distance from the beach. Especially in Brela and Makarska, many boarding houses are on a hillside, and walking on steep roads can be a disadvantage.



Makarska - seaside restaurant - n.k. photo



Makarska Riviera - Makarska - bakery - n.k. photo



Makarska Riviera - Baska Voda - water gym - r.g. photo



Makarska Riviera - Nugal Beach - s.z. photo


Destination in brief

The Makarska Riviera is a section of the Dalmatian coastline, approx. 60 km (37 mi) long and only a few km wide. Behind the shore stretches the wooded (pine trees) mountain range of the Biokovo.

The Makarska Riviera is lovely, but you have to come to terms with the fact that the beaches are pebbly. The good thing is that there are long beaches for walks.

This is an area more for a beach vacation, recreation among palm trees & pine trees; there are not too many classical tourism attractions.


The Makaska Riviera borders the Omis Riviera in the northwest and the delta of the Neretva River in the southeast.

Makarska Riviera - Mountain behind Podgora - Gorna Podgora - f.s. photo

Makarska Riviera - Osejava Forest Park - sz.s. photo



Makarska Riviera - Brela - beach - r.g. photo

Makarska Riviera - Brela - pebbled beach - r.g. photo

Makarska Riviera - Brela - Punta Rata beach - r.g. photo


Tucepi is a good place for holidays with children.

Baška Voda

Makarska Riviera - Baska Voda - crowded beach in the end of August - r.g. photo

Makarska Riviera - Baska Voda - beach - r.g. photo

Makarska Riviera - Baska Voda - n.l. photo

Makarska Riviera - Baska Voda - pebble beach - f.s. photo

Makarska Riviera - Baska Voda - beach - f.s. photo


Makarska - promenade - n.k. photo

Makarska Riviera - Makarska - s.z. photo


Makarska Riviera - Podgora - beach - f.s. photo

Makarska Riviera - Podgora - beach - f.s. photo

Biokovo Mountain with the skywalk

Makarska - Biokovo Mountain - skywalk - n.k. photo


Makarska Riviera - Bol - promenade - n.k. photo

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