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Chile - Valparaiso - f.a. photo

I really, really liked Chile. I’m not sure there’s another country in the world that so successfully combines western living standards with that all-embracing Latin friendliness and joy of life. Of course, it isn’t all a bed of roses, but parts of Santiago and the Chilean Lake District could be Houston, or the Austrian Tyrol. It would be a tough call, but I think if I could only go back to one of them, I’d choose Chile over Argentina. The only problem is, Chile must be the stupidest shape of any country in the world, and you’ll need at least three weeks to tour it from top to bottom. If you start from the south, Torres del Paine is Latin America’s most spectacular natural wonder, and it’s worth spending a few days in the area. The same goes for Chiloé Island. You’ll also need a few days to explore the Chilean Lake District, and then spend the remainder of your time in the north, in the Atacama Desert and among the highest peaks of the Andes. If you’ve still got a few days to spare, you could either spend them in Santiago, one of the most livable cities on the continent, or in Valparaiso, the regional party capital.




Chile - Valparaiso - trolleybus - s.t. photo

Public safety


Chile - bike cops



Chile - siesta - s.v. photo



Chile - Valparaiso - street art - s.t. photo


Chile - national flag -a.t. photo

Destination in brief

Chile, a Spanish-speaking republic, is located in the southwest part of South America, between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes Mountains. 

Neighbors: Peru, Bolivia (north), Argentina (east)

According to an old theory, the Inka troops that first arrived through the Andes ranges to Central Chile called the lands south of their Empire Chiri (“She-ree”), Quechua for “Freezing cold”.
The word evolved as "Chili" among Europeans who interacted with the Inkas.

Chile gained independence from Spain in 1818.

Size: 756,950 km² (292,260 mi²) - Chile is the world’s longest country from north to south: 4,620 km (2,870 mi)

Population (in 2020): 19.1 million

Capital city: Santiago de Chile

Language : Spanish

Religion: 78% Roman Catholics, 15% Protestant  (according some surveys however 32% of the population is without any religion)  

Currency: Chilean peso (CLP)

Average net monthly salary (in 2020): 615 USD

Most common surname: Gonzalez


90% of active volcanoes of the world are in Chile.

Chile - Patagonian landscape - s.v. photo

Chile - a chulengo (a young guanaco, kind of llama) in the mountains - s.v. photo

Chile - decorative lupines - s.v. photo



Chile - Santiago de Chile - statue of the ill-fated Salvador Allende (President 1970-1973) - s.t. photo



Chile - kids - s.v. photo

Chile - a gaucho - s.v. photo

Chile - fierce chess player - s.v. photo

Tourist etiquette


Chile - Yo, what up, stupid tourist? - s.v. photo


San Alfonso del Mar resort (in Algarrobo) has the largest swimming pool in the world: 1,013 meters (3,324 ft) in length with a total area of 8 hectares (19.77 acres)

Patagonia - Torres del Paine

Chile - Patagonia - Torres del Paine National Park - s.v. photo

Chile - Torres del Paine NP - Amarga Lagoon - s.v. photo

Chile - Torres del Paine NP - Salto Grande, a waterfall on the Paine River, after the Nordenskjöld Lake - s.v. photo

Chile - Torres del Paine NP - Lake Pehoé - s.v. photo

Punta Arenas

Chile - Patagonia - Punta Arenas - Cathedral in downtown - s.v. photo

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