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Bolivia - La Paz - d.a.

From Plaza Murillo we wandered towards the little street of Calle Jaen, which is much hyped by guidebooks. Maybe by La Paz standards this counts as pretty because some of the houses are plastered and painted, but I mean come on. There are plenty of streets just like it, not only on other continents but in South America too, and not only are they not tourist destinations, but people passing generally don’t even notice them.

The afternoon passed, and we decided to have dinner in a place next to the Church of San Francisco, which seemed to be aimed at a cultured clientele. In such an attractive setting, $13 was by no means expensive for a llama steak, especially since the price included a beer – and in this part of the world a beer generally means a pint-sized glass of 600ml or so. God bless whoever came up with this voluminous measure!

Walking back through the streets towards our hotel, another sight caught our eye: Crossing Calle Santa Cruz, known locally as ‘the witches’ street’, the braided, mummified baby llamas struck us as especially bizarre. What purpose these serve for expert practitioners I don’t know, but I don’t recommend them to those with weak stomachs!




Bolivia - La Paz - h.a. photo

Bolivia - a micros (local bus) - s.t. photo

Bolivia - Uyuni - taxis - k.a. photo

Bolivia - winding road (camino sinuoso) - the cross in the background reminds a fatal accident - n.e. photo



Peru - Titicaca Lake - souvenir - Elter photo

Bolivia - coca - h.a. photo

Bolivia - sales of eggs and cheeses - s.n. photo

Public safety


Bolivia - El Alto - neigborhood watching sign: - if we catch a thief we will inadvertently lynch him - says the cardboard hung around the puppet's neck - s.t. photo


Bolivia national flag

Destination in brief

Bolivia is a landlocked country in the central part of South America. Neighbors: Peru, Chile (west), Argentina, Paraguay (south), Brazil (east and north)

Size: 1 099 000 km²  (424 200 mi²)

Capital city: La Paz

Population (in 2020): 11.6 million

Languages: Bolivia has one of the highest numbers of official languages in the world, with 39 languages - but among them three are dominant: Spanish, Aymara and Quechuan

Religions: 94% Christians (predominanty Roman Catholics)

Political system: presidential representative democratic republic

Currency: Bolívian boliviano (BOB)

Average net monthly salary (in 2020): 530 USD

Most common surname: Silva



Bolivia - Rainbow Mountain

Bolivia - Siloli Desert - v.g. photo

Bolivia - Tupiza - v.g. photo

Bolivia - Lake Titicaca - v.g. photo

Bolivia - La Paz - Valley of the Moon - Elter photo



Bolivia - La Paz - view - Elter photo



Bolivia - Sucre - ice cream - v.g. photo



Bolivia - Sucre - v.g. photo

Bolivia - Sucre - pretty public building - s.n. photo

Bolivia - Sucre from above - s.n. photo

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