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Bogota - r.g. photo

Bogota is a vast metropolis with over 10 million people living in the greater metropolitan area. It’s also interesting to note that Bogota sits at over 2,600m, on the Bogota Plateau. One great initiative is the so-called ‘ciclovía’: Every Sunday and public holiday between 7am and 2pm, they close many of the city’s bigger streets to motor traffic, freeing up space for runners, walkers and cyclists.

The atmosphere on these days is idyllic, with both young and old savoring this fantastic opportunity to get outside. What makes such physical activity difficult, however, is the city’s 2600m altitude – it’s hard for a foreigner to acclimatize sufficiently to go for a run.

It’s also a positive sign that every kind of outdoor sport is available: there are basketball courts, football pitches, and simple workout machines in the parks.

Bogota (or at least significant parts of it) is laid out on a logical plan. As already mentioned, the city lies on a 2600m plateau. It extends to the north, west and south, but is bounded on the east by 3000m high mountains

The streets (calle) and avenues (carrera) extend outward for the center and are numbered sequentially. The avenues run on a north-south axis, while the streets run parallel to them. This makes it fairly easy to orient yourself in the city, since both distance and direction can be easily calculated. (2018)




Bogota - public bus - r.g. photo



Bogota - street art 1 - r.g.


Bogota - Bacatá in the backgound - r.g.

Destination in brief

Bogotá's altitude is 2,66 meters (8,675 feet)

Population (in 2020): 10.9 million (in the Metro area)

Average net monthly salary (in 2020): 320 USD


Botero Museum

Bogotá - Botero Museum - Couple dancing (Pareja bailando) r.g. photo

Bogota - Botero Museum - A Family - r.g. photo

Bogota - Botero Museum - Mona Lisa a version by Botero - r.g. photo

Bogota - Botero Museum - before or after bathing? r.g.

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