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Argentina - Lago Argentino - Santa Cruz - g.k. photo




Argentina - Aconcagua Mendoza - g.r. photo



Argentina - steak - g.k. photo

Argentina - picture perfect - g.k. photo

Argentina - sweet escape - g.k. photo

Argentina - sizeable steak - g.k. photo



Argentina - milonga - dance club - k.g. photo

Argentina - if you get bitten: don't suck the venom, do not apply a tourniquet. - g.k. photo




Argentina - national flag - The sun represents the Inca god of the sun, Inti - strange tribute to the Incas, exterminated hereabout in the 16th century - g.k. photo

Destination in brief

Argentina in brief

Argentina is located on the southeastern side of South America, with an almost 5000 kilometers (3100 miles) long Atlantic Ocean coastline.
Neighbors: Chile (west), Bolivia, Paraguay and Brazil (north), Uruguay (north-east)

Size: 17,850,000 km2 (6,890,000 sq mi) - 8th largest country in the world
This immense size should be taken into account if someone plans to visit Argentina on land within less than 2-3 weeks

Compared to its size, its population of nearly 45 million is very modest - an estimated 82% of Argentinians are of European descent (mostly Italian and Spanish) and about 8% are mestizo (of mixed European and Amerindian ancestry). 92% are Roman Catholic (but less than 20% are practicing in the country that gave us the current Pope)

Capital City: Buenos Aires (means Good Airs or Fair Winds)

Best time to visit Argentina: between October and mid-December (spring and early summer on the Southern Hemisphere) and between April and mid-June (autumn and early winter) – the northern part of the country mostly has a tropical climate whereas the southernmost part’s climate is virtually subpolar

The tourist high season is between mid-December and February, with mostly domestic tourists – during this period accommodations are practically sold out in the touristy areas (such as Mar del Plata, Bariloche, Iguazú Falls, Perito Moreno Glacier, Ushuaia, Buenos Aires, Puerto Madryn and the Valdés Peninsula)

Argentina has better public safety than Brazil, Colombia or Peru

Monthly net salary: about 550 USD
Along with Chile and Brazil, Argentina is in the top 3 most expensive South American countries

“Most tourists visiting Argentina do not have more time than about 3 weeks. That is just enough to get a little taste of this vast country. Most foreign visitors arrive to Buenos Aires, which is a fascinating city, a must-see. Many travelers skip Uruguay to head swiftly towards Patagonia and, on the way back, visit the beautiful lake district of Bariloche. Those who are more interested in the Andes Mountains and are curious about native Indian civilization should choose Salta and its surroundings. The visit to the Iguassu waterfalls takes one day, but it is definitely a must-see (combined with its Brazilian side).”



Argentina - 3 borders meet - g.k. photo



Argentina - old hacienda - before the age of flush toilets, a wooden ,,commode" - K Elter photo



Argentina - dog walker - k-t. g. photo


Argentina - seals got visitors - g.k. photo


Los Glaciares National Park

Argentina - Los Glaciares National Park - Perito Moreno Glacier - s.v. photo

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