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Thassos - Marble Beach - p.a. photo

We visited, among other places, the smaller Marble beach, which cost 40 euros for the four of us. That got us four sunbeds and could be redeemed for four soft drinks. Though these are very small, there are only three types to choose from. I would have expected better for the price! The road to Marble beach – and really to all the beaches of that part of the island – is brutal, so be prepared. This is partly just the nature of the landscape, of course, but the road to these places is far from beautiful.

Our accommodation was at Golden Beach, and I liked this beach the best. The sea isn’t very clear, but obviously, this is due to it being a sandy beach. It’s possible to sunbathe at the sunbed-and-parasol bit, and there’s another sandy section that’s free. The sea was simply fantastic every day. Some days there were huge waves and other days were calmer. 😊

Prices are not so bad. Half a liter of water was fifty euro cents on the beach, and a Nutella donut cost €2.50. The restaurants and tavernas around Golden Beach weren’t really our thing, unfortunately (we tried several), and the only one we liked was the Italian restaurant Mare Verde, which is where we went back to most often. An excellent restaurant with a very pleasant staff!

Limenas harbor is very beautiful, and this was where we finally felt the real Greek atmosphere. The gyros were not given disassembled on a plate but wrapped in flatbread, and cost only €3.50! It was divinely delicious. Bazaars, friendly market sellers, and a pleasant atmosphere. (f.m., 2021)




"This was our second holiday in Thassos. We visited a lot of beaches this time too, and the prices to rent parasols and sunbeds were generally very fair. You can generally get one for the whole day if you buy one drink or spend at least €5. There were only about three beaches I would never go back to. One of these is La Scala, which I still really liked in 2015 when it was still youthful and tastefully laid out. But now ... 😯 Sorry if it's hurtful, but I think it's become an unpleasant, money-grubbing pit. There are so many people crowded into that space you can hardly breathe, and you don't even have 10 cm of private space because of the family ‘living’ right next to you.

Paradise beach is similarly crowded, and there they even charge you for a freshwater shower. I’ve never seen this anywhere else. But these few beaches would never scare me off going back to Thassos, because we found at least 15 or 20 beaches or unmarked, secluded stretches of shoreline where we could swim in relaxed peace. The island is beautiful.” (h.k., 2019)



Marble Beach

Thasos - Marble Beach - p.t. photo

Thasos - Marble Beach - v.s. photo

Thasos - Marble Beach - v.s. photo

Thasos - Marble Beach - v.s. photo

Skala Beach

Thassos - Skala Beach - p.a. photo

Thassos - Skala Beach - p.a. photo

Paradise Beach

Thassos - Paradise Beach - p.a. photo

Paradise Beach

Thasos - Paradise Beach - v.s. photo

Giola Lagoon

Thassos - Giola Lagoon - p.a. photo

 Archangels Monastery

Thassos - Holy Archangels Greek Orthodox Monastery - p.a. photo

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