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Greece - Athens - street art - Erica photo

Athens - antique street - isheer photo

The locals are friendly, and generally speak good English. They’re happy to stop on the street and help a tourist with directions. Athens is very dependent on tourism, and knows it, so they try to make sure you enjoy the city!
But the city itself – outside of the tourist landmarks – is pretty chaotic and dirty. Sometimes the sidewalks are just caked in dry dirt. All the walls – and I mean all! – are covered in graffiti. It’s really gross and unpleasant.

When it comes to shopping, you quite often find a Zara clothes shop in perfect condition, next to an empty, derelict, abandoned building which has either been burned down or is on the verge of collapse. The side streets, meanwhile, are in a category of their own: stink and dirt everywhere, and both human and animal waste.

The city is thronged with both cars and people, and the parks double as homeless shelters. In the most unexpected places, at the end of an empty street, you might come across a Turkish bazaar or some kind of flea market. I wouldn’t recommend Athens to those with weak stomachs! (2017)


“Athens made a surprisingly positive impression on me. A lot of people talk it down, but I really liked it. Yes, there are run-down parts, but they’re precisely what make it so unique. After visiting the ‘classic’ sights, it’s a good idea to visit the bars and cafés in the characterful local districts, and even in the city center it’s easy to take a hike on one of the surrounding hills. (2018)




Athens - tram - Krista photo

Athens - public bus - Krista photo

Athens - yellow taxis - n.l. photo

Athens - metro - graffiti - Krista photo (2021)

Athens - Omonia metro station - Krista photo

Athens - dirty metro car - Krista photo



Athens - summertime lunch in a shady restaurant - Peter.H. photo

Athens - Thiseio - Amtiktionos 27 - our favorite restaurant - Krista photo

Athens - Plaka - restaurant terraces Krista photo

Athens -Plaka - restaurant - Krista photo



Athens - Plaka - n.l. photo

Athens - Plaka - souvenir shops - Krista photo



Athens - Psirri - nightlife - Krista photo

Athens - Psirri - nightlife - v.j. photo

Public safety

On the subway, pickpockets are active at virtually any time of the day, so tourists should pay permanent attention to their values.  Put your valuables in small bags under clothing. Do not keep documents, money, mobile phones, or cameras in backpacks.

Athens - police car at the foot of the Acropolis - Krista photo

Athens - Changing of Guards - pompom shoes - v.j. photo



Athens - very typical apartment building with awnings over the balconies - Krista photo

Athens - street view - n.l. photo

Athens - street art or graffiti? - ata photo

Athens - Gazi - street art - Krista photo

Athens - Kerameikos (Ceramics) metro station - Krista photo


Destination in brief

Athens is the southernmost capital city of mainland Europe.

Population (in 2020): 3.1. million- 30% of the Greece's population lives here, on 1% of the country's territory

Average net monthly salary (in 2020): 780 Euro - (Greece average: 730 Euro)


The territory of Athens was already inhabited 7,000 years ago. It is one of the oldest cities globally, as it existed as a city 3,000 years before Christ. Athens is the cradle of Western civilization, the birthplace of democracy, politics, science, and many arts and theater.

The first Olympic Games were held in Athens in 776 BC. The first modern Olympic Games were also held in Athens in 1896.



Athens - nice house - Krista photo

Athens - Plaka - abandoned&decayed house - Krista photo (2021)



Athens - Monastiraki - the crowd - Krista photo

Athens - s.k. photo



Athens - Acropolis - visitors - Krista photo

Athens - Acropolis - Krista photo

Athens - Acropolis - Peter H. photo 2

Athens - Acropolis - Krista photo

Athens - Acropolis - Krista photo

Athens - Acropolis - Krista photo


Athens - Plaka - Krista photo (2021)

Athens - Plaka - Krista photo

Athens - Plaka - Krista photo

Athens - Plaka - tourists - Krista photo (2021)

Athens - Plaka - fountain - Krista photo (2021)

Athens - Plaka - street art - Krista photo


Athens - Monastiraki - Monastirakiou (main square) - Krista photo

Psirri neighbourhood

Athens - Psirri - nightlife - Krista photo

Athens - Psirri - Krista photo

Athens - Psirri - street art - Krista photo

Acropolis Museum

Athens - Acropolis Museum - entrance - Krista photo

Athens - Acropolis Museum - Krista photo

Athens - Acropolis Museum - Krista photo (2021)

Athens - Acropolis Museum - Krista photo

Cathedral Church of Athens

Athens - Cathedral Church of Athens - Krista photo


Athens - Thiseo - our favorite street - Krista photo

Gazi neighborhood

Athens - Gazi - Krista photo

Athens - Gazi - former industrial area (gasworks plant) - Krista photo

Athens - Gazi - Krista photo

Athens - Gazi - alley - Krista photo


Athens - Glyfada - Krista photo

Athens - Glyfada - Krista photo

Athens - Glyfada - uncrowded beach in September - Krista photo

Omonia area

Athens - Omonia area - Krista photo

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