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“This place saw all sorts of armed conflict not very long ago, so the locals don’t yet have much experience of dealing with tourists. The fact is, though, Sierra Leone has become one of the safest countries in Africa. There are no atrocities committed against tourists now, and the locals are extremely friendly. Unfortunately, however, the above circumstances mean it is still very much a ‘true sub-Saharan Africa’ destination, with all that that implies, and it will remain that way for some time. Still, that’s no problem at all, so long as the tourist is prepared, and knows what to expect in the real Africa. (2018)





Sierra Leone - country road



Sierra Leone - an environmentally conscious punk singer


Destination in brief

Sierra Leone is West Arican country with a coastline along the the Atlantic Ocean. Neighbors: Guinea (north and east), Liberia (south east).

Sierra Leone was called Salone. The country takes its name from the Lion Mountains near Freetown.

Size:71,740 km² (27,700 mi²)

Capital city: Freetown

Population (in 2020): 7.9. million

At 52.4 years, average life expectancy at birth in Sierra Leone is the worst in the world.

Languages: English is the official language, but Krio is the most widely spoken - English-speaking locals are mostly living in the cities - Krio is an English-based informal mixture of speech

Religions:72% Sunni Muslim, 11,2% Traditional native beliefs 

Form of government:presidential representative democratic republic

Sierra Leone is the 9th poorest country in the world. (Central African Republic is the poorest)

Sierra Leone's economy is based on the export of diamond.

Currency: Sierra Leonean leone (SLL)

Average net monthly salary (in 2020): 520 USD

Most common surname: Kamara

The country is quite safe for visitors.

Top tourist attractions: Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary, Tokeh Beach, Turtle Islands, Lakka Beach,Tiwai Island wildlife sanctuary, Outamba Kilimi National Park, Bombali



Sierra leone - Freetown - i.s. photo



Sierra Leone - joy - h.b. photo

Sierra Leone - kids

Tourist etiquette

1. Every communication must start with a polite greeting, a hello.
2. Very unpolite to refuse an offered meal, especially food that was prepared by the host


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