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Equatorial Guinea - Malabo - market (mercado público)

Malabo - mall - p.a. photo

Public safety


Equatorial Guinea - police - m.p. photo


Equatorial Guinea - national flag - j.l. photo

Destination in brief

Equatorial Guinea in brief
Equatorial Guinea is located in West Africa and consists of a mainland part and several islands. The mainland has borders with Cameroon (north) and Gabon (east and south) and a coastline on the Gulf of Guinea.  
Equatorial Guinea was a Spanish colony until 1968 and is the only Spanish-speaking country in Africa. (It is officially called la República de Guinea Equatorial.)
Size: 28,050 km² (10,830 mi²) - Despite its name, no part of the country's territory lies on the Equator - the distance between Malabo and the Equator is actually 417 km (259 miles).
Capital city: Malabo, located on Bioko Island – The government is building a new capital city on the mainland.
Language: Spanish and French are the official languages – About 65% of the population can speak Spanish well.
Religion: 88% Roman Catholic
Political system: presidential republic with a multiparty system – although multiparty here actually means one ruling party and one insignificant opposition party.
The country’s authoritarian government has one of the worst human rights records in the world.
Equatorial Guinea is an oil-rich country, but its wealth is not shared with most of the population, who live in deep poverty, often without access to clean drinking water. Approximately 20% of the country’s children die before reaching the age of 5.
Currency: Central African franc (XAF)
Average net monthly salary: 410 USD (2020)
Most common surname: Nguema
The locals traditionally have a Spanish first name and an African first and last name. The Spanish and African first names are followed by the father’s first name (which becomes the main last name) and the mother’s first name. So people may have up to four names, with a different last name for each generation (for ex. Leandro Mbomio Nsue Edú-Aguong).
Men and women (or more accurately boys and girls) can get married from the age of 12.
Safety: Safer for tourists than most of other West African countries. The crime rate is low.
When to go? December-February
Top tourist attractions:
Spanish colonial architecture in Malabo, beaches (like Arena Blanca), Monte Alen National Park (gorillas), Moca Valley on Bioko Island with the Bubi tribe



Equatorial Guinea - Malabo - c.q. photo



Equatorial Guinea - girls - g.m. photo



Equatorial Guinea - Malabo - National park -m.j. photo

Equatorial Guinea - Malabo - Cathedral square

Equatorial Guinea - Malabo - The neo-Gothic Santa Isabel Cathedral - r.a. photo

Malabo - Spanish colonial houses - p.a. photo

Malabo - traffic - good roads - p.a. photo

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